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Coincidentally, these guys wound up being the last three people on Chatroulette, ever. Because then the internet exploded.


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  • violinmaster96 07.17.12 @ 8:24pm

    (Respond to Will) I see what you did there!

  • javalin597 08.27.11 @ 4:09pm

    Was that Freddie Wong?

  • Will 07.06.11 @ 12:40pm

    This was Wong on so many levels…

  • Nick 03.21.11 @ 1:20pm

    I hand to watch it like 8 times… awesome!

  • notsocuddly 02.07.11 @ 9:34pm

    “...huh ho!”

    disgusting, yet priceless.

  • Edward 11.29.10 @ 4:39am

    Omg i hate those sounds so much, but for some reason i watched the video like 6 times or something :D The last guys reaction voice is pretty funny :D

  • rayge 11.22.10 @ 8:56pm

    freddie wong was present26 in this video

  • Sean 08.05.10 @ 9:22pm

    Omg.. Freddie Wong ftw!!

  • Tick 07.28.10 @ 6:05pm

    HA thats great, and its even better because its what happens

  • HOLY F**K 07.28.10 @ 1:00pm


  • Charliebigwiener 06.13.10 @ 6:12pm

    The third guys face…priceless.

  • Jamie 05.19.10 @ 10:07am

    That was absolutely epic.

  • hey look 05.05.10 @ 10:31pm

    its freddy wong!

  • Ninja 05.05.10 @ 8:48pm

    Holy shit that was FREDDIE WONG. HE EVEN COMMENTED!

  • Teme 05.03.10 @ 10:14am

    Sound is awesome xD

  • Schneidy 05.02.10 @ 4:40pm

    Back up the fun bus a minute. Was that Freddie Wong in the beginning?

  • Eatintea 04.28.10 @ 6:49pm

    I think they the third guy should have been in the top frame.

  • Matt 04.25.10 @ 3:13am

    That was so wrong.
    It was funny as hell.
    But it was wrong.

  • ashes2ashes 04.15.10 @ 7:31pm

    that’s messed up

  • Hafk 04.13.10 @ 5:12am

    Holy shit…. WAS THAT FREDDIE WONG?

  • Unfire 04.12.10 @ 12:02pm

    simply beautiful

  • gw crawford 04.12.10 @ 10:14am

    The funniest part is the guy’s “oh ho!”

  • Jenna 04.12.10 @ 6:49am

    those sound effects shall haunt my day… *a bit disturbed*

  • cronin_burger 04.11.10 @ 9:12am

    too rich! 9/10

  • Art 04.10.10 @ 6:23pm

    The dramatic music interrupted by the second guy’s fapping made me lol

  • Adidaskorn3000 04.10.10 @ 5:41pm

    Duh. I know that. The w is silent. Psssh!

  • Alfred Cunningham 04.10.10 @ 4:57pm

    Dude it’s fap not fwap

  • Adidaskorn3000 04.10.10 @ 3:56pm

    Fwap, fwap fwap!

  • Adidaskorn3000 04.10.10 @ 3:55pm

    Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! Fwap!

  • jogiff 04.10.10 @ 3:19pm

    Not sure where I should post this, so I’ll just say it here.

    Where is the “Mr. Mayor” 5 second video?

  • KnoK 04.10.10 @ 10:24am

    this one is awesome!!)))

  • Rayge 04.10.10 @ 10:15am

    I got tired of the csi jokes on the first 5sf film it started on

    Will it die? should they make a 5sf where they kill it?!

    that would be epic

  • Satire 04.09.10 @ 10:04pm

    that laugh at the end was priceless

  • Taco 04.09.10 @ 5:07pm

    Looks like all three of those guys *puts on sunglasses* were well hung.

    Actually, that would have been a semi-funny comment if I would have excluded the *sunglasses* part.

  • Ellie 04.09.10 @ 4:35pm

    Oh man, that dude is going to town!

  • waramp 04.09.10 @ 3:26pm

    his laugh at the end makes it for sure

  • Whoya 04.09.10 @ 2:16pm

    The worst part? The fapping becomes louder after the second nude guy sees the hanging body.

  • John8547 04.09.10 @ 1:28pm

    I wish i had a webcam so i could do that on chat roulette

  • FruSla 04.09.10 @ 12:09pm

    Damn. That guy hanging around could’ve used some FRUIT SLAM!


  • wererat 04.09.10 @ 9:39am

    i’ve gotta do this prank!

  • Lovely Boners 04.09.10 @ 8:51am

    Bloody Fantastic :D

  • Daniel 04.09.10 @ 8:06am

    I wish my captcha was fap69.

  • Sarcastic Name 04.09.10 @ 6:52am

    Just where do you get a sound effect like that ... wait ... I don’t want to know

  • Puggsy 04.09.10 @ 6:14am

    made my life.

  • Freddy Wong 04.09.10 @ 5:53am

    I love me being in this video. I also love pulsing members, but 5SF told me to act disgusted…

  • Cloven 04.09.10 @ 4:15am

    Those sound effects are the grossest ever!

  • apom 04.09.10 @ 4:01am


  • Trololo 04.09.10 @ 3:05am

    Looks like these guy *puts on sunglasses* have been trolled!

  • Val 04.09.10 @ 1:26am

    I agree. THE SOUND!

  • moog 04.09.10 @ 1:24am

    oh god the sound! THE SOUND!!!

  • Best Ever 04.09.10 @ 12:44am

    There have been a lot of chatroulette jokes, but that is by have the funniest one I have seen.  That had so many layers of “win”.  Just awesome.

  • Craig 04.09.10 @ 12:34am


  • Secondy McSecondfield 04.09.10 @ 12:25am

    What a deal58

  • Evan 04.09.10 @ 12:21am

    omg… Auto fave.

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