Johnny Quickdeath Goes Scissorjogging

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It was ill-advised to begin with. But Johnny has a track record with this stuff.


  • flyflan 12.05.16 @ 3:23pm

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  • Dyan 03.07.12 @ 5:50am

    Hey Brian, No, I knew what you meant about BeBop, the character. I was tniyrg to illustrate a similar, almost mirror-like feeling I was having about Sam Jackson while shooting with him. Are you a musician? I like the way you identified all the different levels in the music. Here’s some info you might find interesting.I wrote all the lyrics and the basic chord progressions for all the songs. My friend, Stevie Flynn, is an amazing musician and musicologist who lives in Bennington, Vermont. You can check him out on Facebook.He was the one who originally turned me on to some of the instrumental music by Link Wray which blew my mind and ended up in Johnny Suede.Well, Stevie took a couple of the songs, Mid-Town in particular, and arranged them for musicians. He brought in some friends of his; a keyboard player and a classical/jazz bassist and we recorded the backing instrumentals in a little studio in Vermont. Then, in the week before we started shooting Brad came into a NY studio and laid down the vocals. He then lip-synced them during the shoot. I honestly can’t remember what we did with Conan the Accordianist. I think I might have poked something out on a little Casio I had.The half-in-two line was in the script. Sam made up the other stuff about his girlfriend.I still have Johnny’s guitar, his shoes and one of his shirts the red one with the shoes embroidered on it.And, you’re not geeking. You’re actually giving me confidence that the characters I wrote and who ended up on film came to life for,T

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  • Scorpion42 06.13.11 @ 1:14pm

    Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Quickdepp

  • jogh 06.12.11 @ 9:59am

    run forest die

  • Belinda Benn 04.28.11 @ 12:51pm

    hehe , johnny quickdeath, great name wink

  • She's so beautiful!!! 04.10.11 @ 10:04pm

    omg i love these videos hahahaha

  • This is ... 01.04.11 @ 3:18pm

    Hey Johnny! Johnny! *sees Johnny dead under giant space alien foot*...oops…

  • Spyco 06.26.10 @ 5:42am

    It doesn’t matter how he got under the car as long as it was funny.  Since it was funny, it matters not.

  • Unsafe Saftey Procedures 05.29.10 @ 5:35pm

    How did he get under the car?

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.24.10 @ 7:49pm

    Johnny Quickdeath you rascal

  • The SuperestKev of All 04.09.10 @ 10:03am

    Hahahaha, so random!

  • OnlyTwice 03.29.10 @ 12:03pm

    @ poke her face

    Logic may be Power, but Ignorance is Strength.

  • cherry 03.15.10 @ 12:10am


  • Blind Guy 03.10.10 @ 5:26am

    this is why mom said not to run with scissors

  • Dr.Gonzo 03.07.10 @ 3:27pm

    I like how the cars parked on him

  • Jovani 03.04.10 @ 2:49pm

    ahahahah FAIL

  • wolfagar 02.14.10 @ 9:25am

    lol we want more JQD!!! the piano hahahaha

  • cronin_burger 02.02.10 @ 8:11pm

    classic JQD

  • MineTruly 01.26.10 @ 1:44pm

    This is why sometimes the husband should take the WIFE’S name. These things wouldn’t have happened if his name was Johnny PrudentCaution.

  • mrs.Norris 12.08.09 @ 4:25pm

    luv this site….and johnny quickdeath.

  • BobBobman 11.24.09 @ 5:07pm

    shouldve added some blood coming down the side of his face, good vid though(:

  • the one and only... 10.31.09 @ 8:54am

    is that skeet on the window?

  • Chad the Impaler 10.09.09 @ 6:01am

    Please, please more Johnny Quickdeath.

  • poke her face 08.16.09 @ 9:14pm


  • DogsHolyLife 07.16.09 @ 11:38am

    J.Q.‘s my hero!! He constantly dies for my amusement. Go Johnny Go.

  • miky 06.30.09 @ 10:51pm

    Johnny quickdeath will never be safe

  • somepartsareme 06.27.09 @ 7:09pm

    I have lol’d at every video. Favorite site ever! Comedy geniuses, the lot of them!

  • paran01a 06.26.09 @ 6:23am

    Haha notice how he not only stabbed himself in both eyes, but was actually run over as well.

  • gaelorama 06.24.09 @ 8:56pm

    Johnny Quickdeath… WE WANT MORE!

  • bupkes 06.20.09 @ 1:02pm


  • qzz 06.19.09 @ 6:17am

    looks like fun

  • Silly 06.10.09 @ 9:05am

    Johnny Quickdeath… reading this, I was already laughing…

  • Parker 06.06.09 @ 7:02am

    The title alone kills me.

  • man living in your sink 06.04.09 @ 6:23pm

    ... of all the souls i have encountered in my days…
    his was the most…    human…

  • rayge 05.24.09 @ 6:01am

    johnny quickdeath should be less cliche like the one in the pool, this video I couldnt laugh because c’mon hes runnin w/ scissors

  • Sam 05.19.09 @ 6:36pm

    Oh my god, the title alone is worth this.

  • Thom 05.14.09 @ 5:55pm

    More Johnny Quick Death! These are hilarious! Love the site overall!

  • Ben Moreno 05.13.09 @ 10:21pm

    Oh my god!  I just found my new favorite site!  These videos have me seriously cracking up!  WTF!??

  • Kevin 04.02.09 @ 12:30pm

    The endings definitely need more single note piano. That is beautiful.

  • that's ma dick! 03.16.09 @ 6:25pm

    wow, the African American gentleman above sure lol’d a lot.

  • Casey 03.02.09 @ 7:31pm




  • James Holt 02.26.09 @ 4:51pm

    Knew it was gonna happen to someone!

  • Pedro 01.21.09 @ 6:59am

    Johnny Quickdeath is my hero

  • Er aka Mom 01.14.09 @ 8:26am

    oh!  That shit is just wrong wink

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