Jon Worley Gives a Speech

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Worse yet, he was trying to tie it into a pitch for the Chop-Wow.


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    HAHAHA! Gotta love the sign posted with “fighting obesity” and rxn to “picture them naked!”

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  • Nils 01.20.11 @ 6:01am

    Oh my god, that’s my phone…

  • Toasted 09.07.10 @ 8:53pm

    This one should really be titled “Brian confronts new technology”.

  • ModelOZX 08.22.10 @ 9:50pm

    I just noticed that my phone is strikingly similar to the one Brian is holding.

    Wait a minute, that a stupid comment.

  • BooferLahoya 08.15.10 @ 4:12pm

    Maybe he ran out of electric cord for the fighting fat old and burn word… So many naked burned fat people laying in pieces and did anyone notice he was talking to himself

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.25.10 @ 11:07pm

    Apparently, Worley sold his soul to the devil after this incident, and in return for forgetting this, he would be a demon in service to the devil for eternity.

  • jp 05.05.10 @ 5:47pm

    I was born Jon Worley but later got adopted and the last name was changed… How coincidental.

  • Tinkerbell 04.12.10 @ 9:10am

    the guy in the black t shirt needs to use his pointingfinger to type on his cell. haha, funnsies! ^^

  • The OTHER Brian 03.29.10 @ 11:49am

    Jon Worley has to be the best part for that. He was perfect, especially at the end

  • That Guy 03.12.10 @ 8:45pm

    Poor John Worley D:

  • xxemiliahxx 03.12.10 @ 6:33pm

    it appears that jon’s hair is going slightly gray…

  • linko 03.12.10 @ 3:34pm

    Worse… or Worsley?

    And for a moment there, I thought he was going to talk in front of a bunch of kids.

  • R.A.I.U. 03.10.10 @ 4:11pm

    poor guy :(
    imagine clowns next time

  • Tori 03.10.10 @ 10:59am

    even pure evil couldnt stomach that

  • StratgemPics 03.10.10 @ 6:56am

    Bahahahah genious

  • MineTruly 03.09.10 @ 7:22pm

    The “picture the audience naked” “oops, the audience is FAT/OLD/ETC” joke has been done, but the BURN WARD bit was a good touch.

  • Ian 03.09.10 @ 6:21pm


  • Gamecube 03.09.10 @ 5:01pm

    hahah nice!!

  • James 03.09.10 @ 1:54pm

    Hahahaha, the music from The Dark Knight completes this one.

  • ME 03.09.10 @ 10:41am

    Yeah, perhaps Brian’s picturing someone naked, and stabbing his phone at the thought.

  • sara 03.09.10 @ 10:21am

    stabbity, phone. stabbity.

  • ME 03.09.10 @ 7:46am

    Wow, I didn’t even see the “Burn Ward” part until FP pointed it out.

  • jo 03.09.10 @ 7:15am

    jon worley is delicious

  • Failed Punchline 03.09.10 @ 5:11am

    burned obese people.
    great image.

  • ME 03.09.10 @ 4:50am

    ...And that’s how Flip-A-Porker was invented.

  • Junkyard 03.09.10 @ 2:55am

    Something about how he’s typing on that cell phone is cracking me up.

  • Mr Ugly 03.09.10 @ 2:17am

    even demons have their limits

  • nerozero 03.09.10 @ 2:16am

    But I thought he was a Demon…

  • forgetmenow 03.08.10 @ 11:19pm

    Perfect music choice.

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