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It is, however, a bank holiday. And her father was a banker, before a donkey kicked him in the solar plexus and killed him on impact. He died in a field of dandelions, but they buried him with pink roses on November 16th, in a rumpled powder blue dress shirt, with a funeral procession led by a red sedan with limited trunk space. Just saying: He could've gone with that if he had any memory.


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  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:14pm

    One of my absolute favorites on the site. Me and my friends quote this ALL the time.

  • aw yeah 11.20.10 @ 7:09pm

    did anyone else notice the picture on the calendar?

  • The Sentient Houseplant 11.19.10 @ 2:03pm

    Beats the hell outta asking her.

  • Mr Forgetful 11.19.10 @ 1:19pm

    Roses are red,
    Violets are…

  • rekzie 11.19.10 @ 1:57am

    I absolutely LOVE this one!!! Michael’s performance is THE SHIT… hahaha Love the idea and love the actual vid!!! Thanks for making me laugh!!! =)

  • Perp 11.18.10 @ 9:35pm

    Funny 5sf, funny descrip, and autoplay is back! Thanks, 5sf! This85 really made my day!

  • haha 11.18.10 @ 2:58pm

    Eventually it’ll pay44 off, until he forgets again and does this next year.

  • lukie 11.18.10 @ 2:55pm

    Dude!  the video was funny but the description made me laugh even harder!

  • your mom 11.18.10 @ 2:20pm

    i totally approve of this… its the best way to find out again (without her ever realizing what youre doing, after all women have no brains. right?)

  • Jennete McCurdy 11.18.10 @ 2:20pm

    where r u guys in the u.s. this is my fav website legit

  • futhermucker 11.18.10 @ 11:22am

    I have done this before91. But my girlfriend was ugly, so I fed her to the Meeps. Saved me a ton of money on flowers. Then I met your Mom.

  • Hunter 11.18.10 @ 5:41am

    Where did that thumbs up button go?  I give this a hit

  • YES 11.18.10 @ 4:50am


  • Mike 11.18.10 @ 3:49am


  • JUSST BECAAUSEE! 11.18.10 @ 2:37am

    ...you’re HIV positive. the flowers do no justice47

  • Mr Obvious 11.18.10 @ 1:41am

    I was going to observe 1st, in fact I shall88.

  • pahlo 11.18.10 @ 12:09am

    Every day is an anniversary. “Happy 289-day anniversary, babe! Here’s to another 289 more.”

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