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Unfortunately, shark people weren't banned from entering Britain, and now they've run amok. Just another inconvenience for the Hardest Working Man in the House.


  • hery 04.29.16 @ 2:29am

    to everyone who participated in that little game of Parrot ^^^^^^^^^ i love you! you guys made me crack up. Melange Yarn

  • ff 11.26.14 @ 10:47am

    they arent lying when they say hes the mp for west bromwich east

  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:43pm

    Would vote

  • James 07.06.12 @ 10:53am

    Yeah, I’m going to have to pile on and say lousy idea . For example, one of the parssowds I use is 4 capital letters followed by 4 lower-case letters and one number. I always use the caps lock for the first 4 letters, since those 4 are not all typed with the same hand.You are correct that notifying the user after the fact is bad design, but your solution is worse. A better solution is to notify the user when caps-lock is on, *as he is typing* (because yeah, I sometimes hit caps lock instead of shift by mistake, and I can’t even see the little green light on my keyboard).

  • David 12.14.11 @ 9:01pm

    ...da fuuuuuuuk?

  • Stela Harth 05.08.11 @ 8:39pm

    I’m a journalism educator and I would attend this panel.

  • Testking 642-832 05.07.11 @ 3:43am

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  • adthe 01.29.11 @ 3:12am

    gresat view

  • SputNik 10.25.10 @ 9:22pm

    one the best!!!!!! and that will be all =)

  • wererat2000 09.17.10 @ 2:32am

    NOOOOOO! my shark people! i didn’t even finish attaching lazers to their heads or chainsaws to their arms.

  • James 09.01.10 @ 6:51pm

    Tom Fucking Watson!

  • dev 07.29.10 @ 8:30pm

    easily the best costumes in 5sf history.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.19.10 @ 11:31am

    He’s got my vote.
    If he’s some kind of politicion.

  • College Term papers 05.15.10 @ 1:17am

    I’m very thankful to the author for posting such an amazing web design development post.

  • gw crawford 05.03.10 @ 12:55am

    I am making an official request right here, right now: Tom ‘Fucking’ Watson: The Motion Picture

  • Timmy Don't Piss On That! 04.20.10 @ 6:49pm

    Again…WHO THE HELL IS Tom Fuckin’ Wattson. I have no idea who this guy is but i love his middle name.

  • MineTruly 02.12.10 @ 1:51pm

    NICE makeup job!

    The teeth are FANTASTIC, and you did a great job on the full-body costumes, too! That must’ve taken a lot of effort! Good job!

  • I Ate A Milf :D? 09.11.09 @ 5:57pm

    There fucking shark people if your deaf.

  • Wish 08.11.09 @ 7:28pm

    Dammit Watson, not everyone imagines a greater being! Keep to your business, and I’ll help the others!

  • Jelly.. 07.30.09 @ 6:31am

    wat the fuk r thoose alien type things.


  • StingrayinaCan 06.26.09 @ 4:53am

    Hey, stingrays are related to sharks, and Tom Watson, I don’t appreciate you punchin’ around my brethren ...
    No, I’m kiddin’. Those hyperintellligent shark-people are annoying as hell. I mean, have you ever been to a shark rave? I tell you, once the hyperintelligent shark-people show up, it all goes to hell in a handbasket. Those douchebags always request songs like Soulja Boy, where there’s a specific dance to it. We’re fish, we can’t do people dances. Punch ‘em up all you want Tom Watson. I salute you!

  • SpoonMan 06.24.09 @ 6:47pm

    LOL… Tom Watson!

  • andrew J. 05.25.09 @ 3:51pm

    hey looks like the numa guy

  • Felix 05.22.09 @ 8:03pm

    I want a Tom Watson for MY house!

  • Enabsflow 05.17.09 @ 7:06am

    I wish I had a Tom Watson. All I have is my lame friend Ron W. I agree with donyouda, zambo, your biological father, and everyone that said the new site was the bomb. That, and maybe have Johny Quickdeath at a peting zoo with rabid shark people.

  • shiva guru 05.16.09 @ 9:23pm

    woo…..such a nice & wonderful site

  • SJK 05.15.09 @ 11:14pm

    New website is amazing.

  • Grant Joy 05.15.09 @ 11:04pm

    great new site!

  • kelsey 05.15.09 @ 10:54pm

    DAMN!!!! This is a HOT new website!! SEXY! Shark people… also sexy!!

  • Kevin 05.15.09 @ 9:45pm

    Classy site!

  • Jeff 05.15.09 @ 5:35pm

    Those hyper intelligent shark people must have one hell of a time brushing their teeth. 

    Sweet new site, by the way.

  • c monkey 05.15.09 @ 4:29pm

    Those Sharkmen are da bomb. Serious. New site? Also bomb.

  • tricky pete 05.15.09 @ 3:39pm

    I second Jesse’s comment!!!! That films would be even better than the highly anticiapated Mega Shark vs. Giant Squid!

  • Jesse 05.15.09 @ 3:22pm

    Okay, I want to see a 5 second war between Gorlac and the Hyper Intelligent Shark People.

  • zambo 05.15.09 @ 3:18pm

    back to the future. you win, don yuda. you win.

  • donyuda 05.15.09 @ 3:14pm

    Whoa hoa!!!!! Look at the new site roll! Now we can watch Jacky Gleason while we eat!

    P.S. Tom Watson is the man!

  • zambo 05.15.09 @ 2:29pm

    Whoa… where did this super kick ass new site come from all of sudden?

  • Obvious Question? Ask the Internet 05.15.09 @ 11:04am

    Who is Tom Watson, of West Bromwich East?
    If only we had some sort of invention that put the world’s information at our finger tips. Like some little spot you could type in words and then it would just retrieve all the related information about those words. Some sort of world spanning….net….or web…..where you could just hit a button…..

  • name: 05.15.09 @ 10:39am

    who the hell is tom watson?

  • Your Biological Father 05.15.09 @ 9:53am

    I am impressed by the level of makeup/costuming for a 5-second film.

  • farrand 05.15.09 @ 9:02am

    YES Tom Watson!!!! awesome!!

  • Philistine 05.15.09 @ 8:58am


  • indy 05.15.09 @ 7:00am

    I checked, there were indeed fins.  Such evolution!

  • jubbs 05.15.09 @ 5:54am

    I was hoping it was an ad for Landshark Lager.

    I GUESS Tom Watson’s cool. I guess.

  • PA 05.15.09 @ 2:26am

    Great punch, Tom!

  • Merlin 05.15.09 @ 12:54am

    Fair enough Tom. I wouldn’t want someone like that going through my expenses either. Looked as nasty as the Revenue and Customs self assessment people.

  • SJK 05.14.09 @ 10:21pm

    You’ve got my vote.

  • moog 05.14.09 @ 10:09pm

    Holy shit it’s Tom Watson from West Bromwich East!!!

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