Keeping You Warm

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Better still, in an energy crisis he lectures you about which lights to turn off so he can continue powering your home with hot, justicey warmth.


  • octyaepszsr 12.01.16 @ 12:50pm

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  • f 11.28.14 @ 9:17am

    I hope tom watson appears in dude bro party massacre 3

  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:46pm

    Kelsey….where your hands at?

  • Bill Swerski's Super Fan 10.03.11 @ 11:14pm

    When sub-intelligent spambots invade your websites, who can you turn to? Tom Watson, Keeping You safe.

    Monkey Chow|Monkeys For Sale|Fresh Monkey Meat|Space Heaters for Pet Monkey Huts|

  • Armman 07.21.11 @ 7:49pm

    Saw this guy on the news today and was like OMG!!! TOM FUCKING WATSON!

  • CCNA 06.27.11 @ 2:02am

    For Tommy Watson, everything is controlled by his natural impulses.

  • TFW Fan 09.16.10 @ 6:27pm

    We need more Tom Fucking Watson.

  • smarttalk 06.29.10 @ 1:28pm

    strange they got an american plug to plug him into when theyre in britain Oo

  • Zfantasy 05.26.10 @ 1:28pm


  • AnActualEnglishGirl 03.12.10 @ 3:43pm

    Yeah, our plug sockets are different.
    And the accents are horrendous…

    However, agreed.
    Watson is amazing.
    FTW is TFW slightly inverted. Coincidence? I think not!

  • Gildylocks 03.12.10 @ 11:25am


  • Zig-Zag 12.12.09 @ 9:42pm

    Tom Watson keeps my family warm on those nights when im away… Fuck you Tom Watson.

  • BobBobman 11.24.09 @ 5:24pm

    The Fucking makes the video

  • Squabble 11.10.09 @ 12:19am

    Tom Watson

    Although I still have no idea why they like him so much.

  • Tom Magee 10.22.09 @ 6:59pm

    Oh shit - i know where West Bromwich East is !  Now, who the fuck is Tom Fucking Watson

  • The Leetnes 10.10.09 @ 7:41pm

    I am so confused! Who the fuck is Tom Fuckin Watson?!
    I don’t live in fuckin UK!

  • engen 09.24.09 @ 8:43am

    keeping YOU warm!              NO U

  • El masturbiterito le cummerito indo le pace 08.22.09 @ 3:40am

    yeah “fucking” Watson.

  • Glacier Water 07.26.09 @ 2:06am

    That girl is fit..

  • the man living in your sink 07.11.09 @ 8:15am

    go fuck yourself “stephen”

  • stephen 07.10.09 @ 6:23pm

    sorry to break it to everyone, but these all suck.

  • man living in your sink 06.22.09 @ 10:32am

    who’s Tom Watson you ask?
    who ISN’T Tom Watson is a better question!!
    actually that makes no sense, actually he’ll help me with my predicament. After all, he’s TOM FUCKING WATSON

  • boom-shakalaka 06.20.09 @ 12:08pm

    men i luv ur films and i just started watching them after i saw it on tosh.o

  • manbearpig 06.16.09 @ 12:53am

    :04 - that dark haired chick in the middle is def imagining his package.

  • man living in your sink 06.11.09 @ 10:37am

    thank you Watson, making this fucked up world slightly better one step at a time

  • Arisato Minato 06.06.09 @ 4:03pm

    That blonde is hot. Thanks Tom Fucking Watson.

  • Sandwich 06.02.09 @ 4:58pm

    Tom “Fucking” Watson doesn’t mess around.

  • GRAEME 05.28.09 @ 3:12pm

    the blond in this clip adds nothing.  but the other girl is great

  • GRAEME 05.28.09 @ 3:11pm


  • El Liamo 05.25.09 @ 7:16pm

    TOM WATSOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man, that guy’s like Jesus, Buddha, and God all combined into one single form of AWESOMENESS.

  • Lecherous Creep 05.25.09 @ 4:27pm

    the black haired one is hawt, just FYI. I approve of the new inclusion of females.

  • Parliamant 05.25.09 @ 2:15pm


  • tricky pete 05.23.09 @ 6:42am

    Oy! Can we cook our strumpets on the Watson? I got me knickers caught in the lift!

  • Xer0 05.22.09 @ 11:47am

    Sean Connery and Tom FUCKING Watson.
    Hell yeah.

  • mpgroupie 05.22.09 @ 11:18am

    TOM FUCKING WATSON. And yes, the blonde is hot. I’d also say the brunette is hot… but then wouldn’t that make a pedophile? HA! - answer is in the captcha: ‘clearly69’

  • Addicted 05.22.09 @ 10:14am

    Hello my name is 5SF and I’m addicted to Tom Fucking Watson.

  • Jim 05.22.09 @ 7:43am

    ahahaha, there’s a framed picture of Sean Connery on the wall!

  • The Milk Man 05.22.09 @ 7:41am

    Who the fuck is Tom Fucking Watson?

  • Jimmy Rabbitte 05.22.09 @ 6:55am

    We know it’s a British house because they framed the newspaper from the day Paul McCartney was brutally murdered. Who did it? Tom Fucking Watson.

    5 Second Films only grows stronger with the inclusion of new cast members and reoccurring characters. Every film serves to suck the life-energy from lesser ventures and add it to 5SF’s power. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Your mom 05.22.09 @ 6:01am

    the blonde is hot. And I love Tom Watson.

  • Your Biological Father 05.22.09 @ 5:26am

    I wholeheartedly approve of the recent inclusion of attractive women into the regular cast of 5SF.

    That is all.

  • teriz 05.22.09 @ 5:20am


  • the labrador 05.21.09 @ 11:10pm

    WOW it’s TOM WATSON again!!! What a seriously awesome politician. Is there anything he cannot do?

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