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On a morning when she's feeling a little too "urpy," she'll saunter over to a bowl of Sambuca, drink it, then barf up whatever organic kale she had the night before. Then she scratches your door until you clean it up. One must earn Kelsey Cat's affections.


  • scxquvxkl 12.04.16 @ 1:37am

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  • Rosiero 12.05.12 @ 12:23am

    I took a screenshot of Kelsey Cat sneaking up on Rouss and it will remain on my phone’s lock screen indefinitely. I’ve never been happier.

  • MCXIII 09.24.12 @ 1:24am

    Because the internet is where all the perverts are FROM.

  • Rockin Rob 07.18.12 @ 1:26pm

    God, why can’t I get away from pervs on the internet?! Oh wait, it’s the internet, duh.

  • Nice 06.25.12 @ 11:58am


  • jess 06.16.12 @ 9:40am

    i need to be best friends with this girl right now!

  • Chris Vazquez 03.15.12 @ 8:52am

    I swear sometimes I wish I could tell my cat the same thing. To get a job. That and I wish I lived in a two story apartment to throw her off and see if she will land on her feet :D

  • Dragaroth 03.09.12 @ 10:02pm

    I was going to write a comment bitching about furries—then I acted like an adult and decided to mention that I laughed my ass off at the hiss fight at the beginning.

  • My Name is Your Name 02.13.12 @ 6:52pm

    haha you can get an email. im going to spam fuck it

  • Alpy 02.13.12 @ 12:28am

    She is still attractive , in weird way.

  • Man Solo 02.10.12 @ 1:29pm

    Damn right, it’s bed time. ;D

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 02.06.12 @ 2:41pm

    Actually, I thought the passive look when she was being held out the window was perfect cat look… Like “Eh, this is odd but I don’t really care”, much like a cat.

  • yossarian 02.02.12 @ 1:33pm

    So brilliant!

  • c0rdawg 02.01.12 @ 4:19pm

    Looks like someone has been to Dr. Katze.

  • Scuzzy 02.01.12 @ 4:54am

    The face on the hissing is so perfect

  • Igor 01.30.12 @ 7:28pm

    Just sayin’, Rouss, swatting at a cat with a broom is prooooobably not the most effective way in convincing it to come down from a tree.

  • Raz 01.27.12 @ 3:02pm

    Love the Hiss fight.

  • Oblivious kid in a strip club 01.27.12 @ 10:31am


  • Jeremy 01.26.12 @ 9:39pm

    Very cute!

  • CaptianHIJKLMNOP 01.26.12 @ 7:01pm

    This is probably the best thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to view. mew…

  • NotSoCuddly 01.26.12 @ 5:11pm

    What are you kidding me?  It’s always play time! Are those green eyes?  Now, that’s just not fair.

  • Calikka 01.26.12 @ 4:28pm

    Now every time my cat meows I will translate it as NYOW!

  • Deereftw 01.25.12 @ 8:34pm

    add this little gem to my speed-fap collection

  • EvilTaco 01.25.12 @ 7:19pm

    I don’t know what’s more amazing, Kelsey in a cat suit, or Kelsey in a cat suit. My hormones are all in a jumble from watching so much Kelsey.

  • PhoenixM 01.25.12 @ 4:58pm

    Like I needed any more reason to think Kelsey is ridiculously adorable.

  • Charlie_Wiseacre 01.25.12 @ 10:19am

    Actually, is this just Kelsey’s audition tape for ‘Dark Knight Rises?’

  • drk 01.25.12 @ 7:54am

    in bed - with Kelsey in cat suite? damn!

  • Dani 01.25.12 @ 4:38am

    Kelsey is so damn hot in that cat outfit.

  • Michael 01.24.12 @ 11:58pm

    Play time! All the time!

  • Nicole 01.24.12 @ 6:39pm

    Wow. How very catlike.

  • Srgt. Fan 01.24.12 @ 5:39pm

    Fantastic job, no means meow!

  • me too 01.24.12 @ 4:45pm

    c’mon. best 2/3


  • 01.24.12 @ 4:42pm

    WIN. one of the better 5sf montages.

  • Charlie_Wiseacre 01.24.12 @ 2:45pm

    Of course, by cartoon law, Kelsey Cat must now engage in a bitter and life-long feud with Daniel Dog.

  • zambo. 01.24.12 @ 1:30pm

    You kids… always with the funny!

  • tron28 01.24.12 @ 12:44pm

    this clip is indeed the cat’s meow…

  • Thor-axe 01.24.12 @ 12:32pm

    Now THAT, is the kind of pussy I’d buy food every week and clean the litterbox for…

  • Shenanigans! 01.24.12 @ 12:21pm

    Somehow, I always knew one of the 5SF crew was a furry.

  • Michael 01.24.12 @ 11:24am


  • Nyaaaaaan 01.24.12 @ 11:13am

    By the way Rousselet, is this based off an actual sister of yours?

  • Nyaaaaaan 01.24.12 @ 11:07am

    Ugh, I came in here to make fun of comments about how hot Kelsey is in cat ears, but I’ve been beaten to the punch.

  • sigh 01.24.12 @ 9:36am

    When this series started I clicked on the comments with the grim certainty you furries who have never known the touch of a woman would be flipping out over this.

  • JenniferAnistonCrying 01.24.12 @ 8:58am

    Rousselet, how did you not have a MEGA BONER when Kelsey-cat was on top of you?

  • fsjal 01.24.12 @ 8:26am

    if I woke up to Kelsey batting my face I wouldn’t throw her off me just saying.

  • Matthew Perry 01.24.12 @ 7:24am

    These multi-part 5sfs have been fantastic over38 the last few months. Well done.

    But just to be clear, you guys know that hundreds of people are going to masturbate to this, right?

  • RedneckwithGuns 01.24.12 @ 3:07am

    Fucking furries ruining 5SF.  WHY MUST YOU POISON EVERYTHING I LOVE.

  • LittleLordJackPants 01.24.12 @ 2:59am

    Kelsey is too cute. Like seriously. Way too cute. As in it’s a problem. Dear God won’t someone do something? The cuteness! IT MUST BE STOPPED!

  • Klarden 01.24.12 @ 2:42am

    “I went away to see an old friend of mine
    his sister came over, she was out of her mind”
    second one is awesome

  • Man Solo 01.24.12 @ 2:14am

    Kelsey, in a cat suit? That would be a hell of a way to wake up.

  • Matchstickman 01.24.12 @ 2:01am

    So is Michael allergic to deranged sisters?

    Can I borrow him to check on my sister?

  • kalvynevans 01.24.12 @ 1:50am

    This is some real, right here, it is. Whoo!

  • Fasc 01.24.12 @ 12:17am

    Surprised she can still perch on the couch after being dropped from the house and run over…

  • Llamaqueen 01.24.12 @ 12:03am

    that was hilarious

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