Kelsey’s Maternal Instincts

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When she was 12, she was given a pet rabbit for Christmas. She named it "Die Already," which it promptly did, right around the time she discovered how to mix the perfect poma-tini at age 12 1/2.


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  • Dead.juice 03.07.13 @ 4:17pm

    I love Kelsey here, my kind of girl to hang with. But the last skitch is sad.

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  • Jody Bruchon 11.04.12 @ 6:33pm

    Kelsey is the best woman on the planet. Just sayin’. <3

  • LittleLordJackPants 01.17.12 @ 12:53am

    If this is yet another attempt to get me to stop stalking Kelsey I’m tellin ya all now that it just ain’t gonna work. On a related note Kelsey would you please water your damn ferns already? I’ve been watching them die a slow death through your window these past few weeks.

  • Man Solo 01.12.12 @ 2:22pm

    @Charlie Big Potatoes-
    She made the kid a drink.

  • Lisa Cerasoli 01.08.12 @ 7:40am

    K - we’re on our second round of this. Jazz still says “Kelsey’s funny AND hilarious.” I’d have to agree. But I no longer thinks she wants to swap mommies. Phew.

  • Lisa Cerasoli 01.08.12 @ 7:24am

    Kelsey…is is weird that my six-year-oldl fins you friendly, funny and hilarious? And, do you think I should start drinking at breakfast so she brags about me, too? We’re going on our 4th watch and something tells me it ain’t gonna be the last one! Oh, the triplets rock, as usual. You all do. Love, Jazzy’s Mom.

  • puggsy 01.07.12 @ 5:40pm


  • Westicle 01.07.12 @ 12:54pm

    Boys do like crayons and not making their own shirts. I used to be a boy.

    Then again, I still like crayons at 19 years old.

  • EvilTaco 01.07.12 @ 5:56am

    So much Kelsey <3 I think I'm in love.

  • Some Guy 01.06.12 @ 3:46am

    The kids are great as always

  • fleischwolke 01.06.12 @ 3:41am

    “In China, kids make their own.” pure brilliance

  • ruckus 01.05.12 @ 11:08pm

    This is like the irresponsible Worley series but in one clip. Fantastic.

  • archer 01.05.12 @ 3:37pm

    mmm lets get married already!

    open bar, we can hire cheap chinese labor to serve hor dourves

  • Thor-axe 01.05.12 @ 2:17pm

    Not enough subliminal advertising for my tastes, but with some better product placement could do stellar! You guys will be doing superbowl commercials in no time!!

  • Charlie Big Potatoes 01.05.12 @ 1:49pm

    A thought strikes: how did that small i.e under the legal drinking age child spot the smell/taste of vodka so easily? Hmm. I think we know now how the 5sf crew pay the kids.

  • Charlie Big Potatoes 01.05.12 @ 1:46pm

    @Neobahamut0: I reckon that’s part of the gag, Kelsey drinking the most cheapass economy size bottle of vodka she could buy this side of fermenting her own potato-juice.

  • Matthew Perry 01.05.12 @ 12:44pm



    I haven’t commented on a video in a while42 because there are no more capchas, but this one was too good to deny verbal appreciation.

  • Troy Turner 01.05.12 @ 10:26am


  • Neobahamut0 01.05.12 @ 9:58am

    I approve of everything in this except for Vitali
    I stole that bottle and I still think I overpaid

  • sir henley 01.05.12 @ 8:26am

    I would +1 this publicly, but alas, i can’t. because yous don’t have that button.
    *drowns in vodka*
    *raises glass to Kelsey*

  • alex 01.05.12 @ 8:11am

    bloody brilliant. also bloody marys are gross

  • Charlie Big Potatoes 01.05.12 @ 3:59am

    Just noticed the smartass kid in the first clip says ‘Thanks’

  • Charlie Big Potatoes 01.05.12 @ 3:56am

    More accurately, Kelsey, in China, kids make other people’s shirts in the hope that one day, they may be able to afford a second-hand shirt to tear into strips and bind their grandmother’s weeping foot sores.

  • Charlie Big Potatoes 01.05.12 @ 3:53am

    Maybe she should ask the Waitresses. XD

  • padurn 01.05.12 @ 3:09am

    Boys like crayons.

  • Mels Bells 01.05.12 @ 2:34am

    I don’t know what boys like either…

  • Mr. G, Three Talents 1-2-3 01.05.12 @ 1:50am

    Loving the music.

  • Joe 01.05.12 @ 12:09am

    ROFL!!! So good and so bad at the same time!

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