Lady And The Tramp

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He chases Kelsey Cat up a tree constantly, asking her for her number. Then he runs back into the house, barking about what a great job he did when he didn't even score any digits.


  • Dead.juice 03.29.13 @ 12:45pm

    Mae nudity is OK if it’s Paul.

  • @stahi 04.28.12 @ 7:53pm

    haha thanks for pointing that out

  • Matheus 02.20.12 @ 9:32am

    Also, guess what? She’s from Texas!!

  • Matheus 02.20.12 @ 9:19am

    Thank you, Mr. Savior. What a fitting name!

  • Brooke Rousselet 02.17.12 @ 11:37am

    thank god, he is the only one “usually naked”. NEVER MICHAEL!! I mean, never. The troll was enough.

  • Provoker 02.16.12 @ 7:52am

    Why is there a steaming hotdog at the last scene?

  • Savior 02.12.12 @ 10:48pm

    BEHOLD! Her name is Sophia Rojas and was a filmmaker for American Cliche. My apologies to the 5sf staff if this was supposed to remain a secret, but to the rest of you, you are greatly welcome.

  • Matheus 02.11.12 @ 11:17am

    @Tyler Yes, she does look like the girl from Bigger In Texas. But I don’t care about that. I WANT A NAME!!

  • Fergus 02.11.12 @ 10:22am

    @jubbs Ahhhhhh, much better, cheers!

  • Ian 02.10.12 @ 2:24pm

    So… This is the third time we’ve seen male nudity on this site?

    Blowjob Machine, This one, the towel one…

    Yup. Male nudity.

  • Harsh_Word 02.10.12 @ 6:48am

    @Beertooth: I suspect it’s meant to resemble an upturned vagina, and it’s steaming because she’s ‘hot’ for the ginger guy.

    Alternatively, I have a sick, sick mind.

  • TheOnlyChuck 02.10.12 @ 12:23am

    The The Moves.

  • Matthew Perry 02.09.12 @ 4:18pm

    If you watch44 closely, the “THE” in “THE END” at the end of part III doesn’t movie when it becomes the “THE” in “LADY AND THE TRAMP.”

  • Tyler 02.09.12 @ 3:42pm

    It’s the girl from Paternity Raffle again. Her looks are so confusing to me. Maybe she IS the same girl from Everything Is Bigger In Texas?

    Man…Paul on the other hand. Are these all his ideas, or do all of you really like seeing him with his pants off?

  • clees 02.09.12 @ 3:24pm

    That girl is REALLY cute

  • conowitz 02.09.12 @ 2:06pm

    i get it now. there was the one with the cat sister a few weeks ago, now theres this one. make the connection.

  • fsjal 02.09.12 @ 1:49pm

    yeah can someone explain the hot dog

  • jubbs 02.09.12 @ 1:30pm

    @Fergus “The Witch” by The Sonics.

    @Harsh_Word Probably.

    @Beertooth I dunno, it’s funny, right?

  • The Royal Jizzum Taster 02.09.12 @ 12:58pm

    Also, my favorite 5sf person is now Paul. You’ve been replaced Firenzi! Redeem yourself with more nudity.

  • Fergus 02.09.12 @ 12:36pm

    Ace! But what is the music?  My brain is doing a thought tickle, but it wont give me any answers damnit!

  • buri-chan 02.09.12 @ 11:57am

    This 5sf written and directed by Michael Bay.

  • Harsh_Word 02.09.12 @ 11:48am

    Funniest part for me was that guys “...the fuck?!” look in the first clip

  • Matthew Perry 02.09.12 @ 10:22am

    I’ve been loving these long-form 5sfs recently. On a roll, guys.

    And is it weird at all that I’m counting how35 many 5sfs this chick has been in? Because I am.


  • Stahi 02.09.12 @ 7:37am

    I chuckled at that awkward “go from standing to walking” in the Lemon Tree segment.

  • Harsh_Word 02.09.12 @ 7:03am

    Does Paul have worms?

  • Harsh_Word 02.09.12 @ 6:57am

    One day, there shall be no more comments, because no-one will want to be the fucker who is ‘FIRST!’

  • Beertooth 02.09.12 @ 4:56am

    I don;t understand the CGI steaming chili dog. What am I missing?

  • Mels Bells 02.09.12 @ 2:24am

    Paul’s ass and he humped that guys leg…
    my life is now complete…

  • Mr Thursday 02.09.12 @ 1:59am

    Not being from USA and all, I think I missed some of the “cultural” references in this video.

  • Man Solo 02.09.12 @ 1:42am

    Paul is awesome, and the lady is beautiful.

    Thursday is now complete.

  • mmmgirl 02.09.12 @ 12:18am

    he gets excited? SHE makes me excited.

  • tommmmm 02.09.12 @ 12:11am

    Not the video, but the fact that i’m first.

  • tommmmm 02.09.12 @ 12:11am

    am i first??????????? LAME!

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