Laser Test

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The Board of Highly Scientific Review & Science, as you can no doubt imagine, went on to publish several papers based on Dr. Firenzi's findings, the most prominent of which were titled "Zhoo! Zhoo! Zhoo! And the Neurotechnological Capabilities Therein" by Dr. Sandoval, and "Pew, Pew: A Rebuffing of Dr. Sandoval's Hasty Assertions," by Dr. Gunn. Dr. Firenzi himself disappeared from the eye of the medical world and has yet to resurface, after several long years.


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  • Cooperhawk 08.18.14 @ 1:56pm

    This churgled the walrus!

  • TheDew 01.21.13 @ 9:28pm

    No it should be more like pewpewpewpewpew

  • Mortimer 01.28.12 @ 11:36pm

    I’ve watched and rewatched this many times… Someone help me get it!

  • TDog 11.28.11 @ 11:40pm

    “shouldn’t it sound more like DOOV DOOV DOOV”

  • MineTruly 01.24.10 @ 2:41pm

    What is it the guy says just before they start making laser noises? shot94

  • The Other OTHER Brian 01.20.10 @ 7:30am

    lol @ the trash can laser raspberry Great video though!

  • Morpheus 12.20.09 @ 7:32pm

    Jesse, you’re my hero.

  • connorrr 06.30.09 @ 7:42am

    zap… zap… zap
    haha love the guy with the shades

  • Earthbreaker 06.29.09 @ 2:47am

    The guy being lazered is doing well to grin and bear it…

  • Kevin 06.28.09 @ 11:36am

    Where did “Lincoln’s Greatest Escape” go?

  • Jesse 06.27.09 @ 1:38pm

    If the Bluth family were laser scientists

  • Matt 06.26.09 @ 10:58pm

    I love that GIRL with the glasses!

  • kgunn 06.26.09 @ 9:20pm

    hahaha!!! Scientific BRILLIANCE!!!

  • man living in your sink 06.26.09 @ 6:57am

    It would be successful if the scientists were a bit more there age.

  • Your Biological Father 06.26.09 @ 5:25am

    Brian Firenzi: Bringing “Ow, my balls!” to the 21st Century and beyond!

  • Jay Remy 06.26.09 @ 4:31am

    Zap! miles82

  • Scuravolpe 06.25.09 @ 10:26pm

    awesome wife52

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