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From: Chaz Michaelson ( RE: Job performance

Hello Collin,

Just wanted to let you know you're up for review. Some of your co-workers, who shall remain anonymous, have filed several complaints that you're proving to be a disruption at work. Is there any particular reason you scream "Uhh" at the top of your lungs for the duration of your time at work each day? If you're confused about your action items, there are procedures for dealing with that as we discussed at last week's staff meeting. There's no need to be disruptive by voicing your confusion for 8 hours straight. Please see me tomorrow.

Thanks, Chaz


  • Kent 05.23.16 @ 2:17am

    It’s life.
    Life is Terrible
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  • Lee 12.21.15 @ 8:59pm

    Oh the memories

  • WojciechPrzekop - <a href=" 02.01.15 @ 11:40am

    Haha great.

  • Jury 05.06.14 @ 8:46pm

    Dem spambots….

  • k 02.26.14 @ 2:53pm

    unoriginalllllllllll as fff lololol

  • Kaduri 08.10.13 @ 3:20am

    @Wan Bae: This is the original. That’s a knock-off. Also, it doesn’t really work with a schoolkid, does it?

  • Wan Bae 08.04.13 @ 3:04am

    man, I’d already seen this kinda short film before. check it out :

  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 9:35am


  • Docanonymous 10.13.12 @ 8:46am

    Lifechanging! Should be. For most. I realized this before.
    As is the day, the (pre)life is. A blink. So GET ready for eternity.

  • AnnOther 08.28.12 @ 9:16pm

    This is a fantastic film.  A true classic.  Universal in scope.  I actually lived this today, when I was called in to work on an off-day….  and I wasn’t ready to work at all!

  • saman 07.28.12 @ 11:09am

    Fucking Awsome!

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 07.26.12 @ 2:53pm

    The sequel to this should be “Bender”, starring Paul in a weekend long drunken vomiting spree.

  • matt 06.22.12 @ 10:31am

    this is exactly how I felt yesterday

  • DimaSSS 05.22.12 @ 4:11am

    Класс! Смотрю уже сотый раз!

  • sherryn matthews 05.10.12 @ 3:25pm

    awesome! you guys are awesome grin i love it

  • RachelGreen 05.08.12 @ 1:55pm


  • OneOfUs 04.12.12 @ 7:10pm

    ...and now I’ve just shown Reddit. :D

  • Layenem 04.07.12 @ 12:35am

    I’ve shown this to soooo many people hahahha

  • hannawannaway 03.21.12 @ 9:48pm

    Someone needs to remix this with Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

  • Dustin 03.14.12 @ 12:01pm

    Aww, the description doesn’t fit in the new site.

  • Eminem!! 02.14.12 @ 5:01pm

    This is the best one ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roxanne 02.03.12 @ 7:18am

    I cant stop watching

  • Vince 02.02.12 @ 11:56am

    This is just awesome.

  • Vlad 01.18.12 @ 2:04am

    This is the best movie of all times!
    Великие режиссёры нервно курят в углу.

  • Justin Wiener 01.15.12 @ 8:41pm

    Best 5 sec film so far

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 7:34pm

    This is hilarious! It must have been loads of work to be on location to film all those split-second cuts for this. Fantastic job.

    And if it just me, or do I really wanna fuck this guy?

  • Alan 12.02.11 @ 10:20pm

    Probably my favorite ever

  • Jason 11.23.11 @ 4:53am

    wow, he must have a really REALLY long breath.

  • Shadow 11.19.11 @ 6:55pm

    I CANT STOP LAUGHIN!! Everytime i see it i laugh my ass off!  ITS FUNNY!! AND ITS ONLY 5 SECONDS!!!

  • Jalil 11.14.11 @ 11:41pm

    YYour vidio was shown in russian TV show great i like it :D

  • ymellz 11.04.11 @ 12:20pm

    This is great!

  • Illang 10.31.11 @ 3:08am

    Круто, рябятишки жгут!!! 1000 баллов за идею!!!
    *That’s cool!

  • Deray 10.28.11 @ 8:56am

    I watch this every morning to get ready for the day ahead.

  • Inflation Effects 08.30.11 @ 3:24am

    hahaha, looks like everyone’s everyday trouble. If too late, just lay down and continue your dreams. It’s late anyway.

  • Sebastardo 08.03.11 @ 6:35am

    JAJA! Esto me hizo reir. Lo que no entiendo es porque escriben en idiomas que no entiendo…

  • Buddy Lembeck 07.06.11 @ 11:06am

    Freaking hilarious!

  • St. Louis Mortgage 06.23.11 @ 12:00pm

    freaking hilarious!  Love it!

  • Kris 06.15.11 @ 3:56pm

    I’ve never watched such a deeply spiritual and inspirational video.

  • Kris Rich 06.12.11 @ 1:08pm

    Yeah. That is me every time I’m late for work. lol I showed this to my wife and she busted out laughing.

  • whoa 06.02.11 @ 12:53am

    That’s my future. FUCK. hahaha

  • forums 05.02.11 @ 10:12am

    think this might be your Sargent Pepper, it will surely echo through history.
    Everyone who sees this (who’s ever had a shitty job) will be instantly grateful to find they’re not alone.Lovely story. Very heartwarming. Keep them coming please.thanks for sharing with us

  • The Unoriginal 04.29.11 @ 10:51pm

    Who hasn’t had a day like that?

  • CHUCK 04.24.11 @ 5:47pm

    THE BEST! Really great!

  • asvab 04.07.11 @ 3:06am

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  • Matthew M. 03.28.11 @ 8:47pm

    Lol…. Nice work lads. I feel like yelling “FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK” everytime I go to college.

  • Rob Gordon 03.06.11 @ 9:32am

    Did anyone else notice that they stole this from Futurama Season 6 Episode 1 where robot Leela finds out she’s a
    Look at the 9:40 mark. Also this episode aired before. This episode aired before the 5secfilm.

  • ghoststrikes 12.31.10 @ 8:40am

    Brought to you by the number J

  • Gokalex 12.30.10 @ 11:55am

    Go Day 9!!!!

  • day9fan 12.30.10 @ 11:28am

    Day[9] brought me here.

  • John Galt 12.15.10 @ 10:03pm

    hahaha I love how this a summary of WAY too many people’s lives…then again, this shit was basically the inspiration for Fight Club, so it works out.
    Either way, this is beyond hilarious :D

    존 갈트가 누구야?

  • i notice 12.15.10 @ 12:45pm

    they’re ripping you off without giving you credit.

  • man_in_the_box 12.08.10 @ 4:06am

    Absolutely cool movie! simple but so great! it deserves to be the subject of written papers.

  • NoHeadsProduction 11.15.10 @ 1:41pm

    That’s me every Monday-Friday. Saturday-Sunday it’s: SOOOOON OOOOF A BIIITCH

  • Phonoaesthete 11.05.10 @ 11:07pm

    He drops some cereal from the spoon into his lap…


  • A. Nonomous 10.22.10 @ 8:33pm

    Yeah, I do that when I’m late, too.

  • bsphil 09.27.10 @ 4:57pm

    I almost died laughing so hard.

  • uday kumar 09.01.10 @ 10:33am

    I want fuck film job my contact no:9334450958

  • Toasted 08.30.10 @ 1:20pm

    he is so good looking. I can’t tell if I’m more pleased by the idea of someone bellowing at the top of their lungs while photocopying or by how cute he is.

  • TheMystical 08.29.10 @ 2:19pm

    That’s me tomorrow morning and the next and the n…!

  • wererat2000 08.29.10 @ 4:13am

    it;s so musical! this should have a techno remix!

  • Gusafy 08.17.10 @ 1:33pm

    I know the melody of his voice by heart now. Every time I watch this video, I sing along!
    Is there something wrong with me?

  • yako 08.16.10 @ 4:33am

    Such a funny one! LOL

  • Liam 08.07.10 @ 12:13pm

    I wish they had done crossfades in their audio, Even just 1 frame fades so that it wouldn’t pop on every cut.

  • slOt 07.14.10 @ 4:23am

    ^ DDD

  • Ahmet 07.09.10 @ 8:10am

    so good! FuuuuuuuuuuuuucK ! smile

  • Tardsicle 06.19.10 @ 3:36pm

    Not only is this guy adorable but this video is hilarious :D
    this is gonna be me on my first day of college.

  • Passtor 05.26.10 @ 1:06am

    Very cooool !!! ))))))

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.20.10 @ 2:35pm

    Say kyle, you get that report done?
    Oh, excuse me for a minute

  • oh, 05.19.10 @ 1:21am

    fuck you yankees!

  • legless swimmer 05.17.10 @ 4:02pm


  • that guy in that one picture with the really big s 05.17.10 @ 4:01pm

    that was funny…some people’s names are funnier than te actual videos.

  • anonymousnigga 05.14.10 @ 7:28pm

    This is me everyday goin to and from school.

  • Anton 05.13.10 @ 3:21pm

    Just brilliant! What else I may say!!!

  • LoL 05.11.10 @ 2:51pm

    Oh!Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaahaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! End
    so funny from S.korea

  • xxemiliahxx 05.08.10 @ 7:31am

    this is me life. on the weekdays. but ‘tis the weekend so instead of fuck, i just yell bitch the whole day.

  • Abraham Peinado 05.03.10 @ 11:39am

    Jeje, este es el mejor

  • meep 04.26.10 @ 1:11pm

    best one

  • Nickloves5SF 04.23.10 @ 2:21am

    what the shit, I’ve seen this one loads of times but I’ve just noticed he’s got a boner when he’s standing by the printer


  • paola Villa 04.20.10 @ 1:33pm

    check this out, someone is making a fraud with your idea on a nactional contest in mexico

  • john salvetosociety 04.20.10 @ 8:11am

    Unreal. Thank you for giving my day justice

  • ddfgdf 04.16.10 @ 6:05am


  • momo 04.14.10 @ 12:39pm

    good boy

  • ойка 04.08.10 @ 6:57pm

    Rulez! 8-)

  • Astard 04.08.10 @ 12:02am

    I loled.
    Also, we have the same alarm clock.

  • CesareB 04.03.10 @ 6:34am


  • WallaWalla 03.31.10 @ 3:02am

    Fukken great job done. Complete one-day story, shrinked to the time what usually takes to see the arrows on watch.

  • omg 03.29.10 @ 4:11pm

    omg he is soooo cute!

  • Nervo 03.27.10 @ 9:56am


    That’s kinda COOOOL!!!!


  • FAfa 03.26.10 @ 11:35pm

    Absolutely great and so True for everyone of us whose working… for somebody else.

  • fewangel 03.26.10 @ 7:01am


  • fewangel 03.26.10 @ 6:59am


  • LJ 03.18.10 @ 8:46pm

    A gem of perfection in describing every day for most of us. Whether U wear a suit or a uniform, you still go thru waaay too many daze like this. I watched this maybe 50 times b/c it was just SO perfect. Thank you to whoever made this!

  • Mike 03.17.10 @ 4:24pm

    that was fuuuuuuuucking awesome

  • Josh 03.17.10 @ 1:25am


    I’ve been scrolling around randoms ALL night, and I am like choking from laugher after watching this one.

    Best one eveeeeeer

  • Joe 03.16.10 @ 8:05am

    This had me laughing so hard and continues to do so every time I watch it. GREAT JOB!!

  • piggy 03.12.10 @ 2:02pm

    this movie cured my diabetes

  • TruthBeKNown 03.11.10 @ 9:47am

    Everybody who is working for a boss has the same thing. We’re fucking slaves to society for real, only difference is that the whip is replaced by bills, tickets and tax…we gotta do something about this.

  • Tate Fletcher 03.02.10 @ 4:15pm

    Oh, fu-u-u-u-u-ucking outstanding!

  • konteyner 02.25.10 @ 6:22am

    ahahahhaah super…

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