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Our pledge to post a new 5sf every weekday may not fly if we stay tethered to our destructive obsession with strippers.


  • kbuhqvhcr 12.01.16 @ 4:08pm

    wraPgX jlhjwpctbkdr, qcsgrujwojha, [link=]wauztbgzakaz[/link],

  • Obama 11.03.10 @ 5:27pm

    I just launched *puts on sunglasses* in my pants.

  • Scaryass 06.28.10 @ 12:08am

    where can i get a key board like that??I want one but with a button that says fuck you or something.myself49

  • RUDY 05.13.10 @ 8:01pm

    Thats a weird keyboard

  • PartyOnAlec 01.28.10 @ 10:44am

    what up, music from HAWP

  • ZombieBuffet 01.06.10 @ 12:45pm

    That was fun.

  • Snerg 11.22.09 @ 8:52am

    I love how at the last second….“Titties!”

  • poke her face 08.16.09 @ 9:19pm


  • Herb Alpert 08.13.09 @ 5:39pm

    It’s “Spanish Flea” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. He did pretty much ALL the cheesy 70’s game show-type music

  • iPenber 08.07.09 @ 12:34am

    I want that song that was playing at the end of the video :/

  • Epic 06.21.09 @ 5:23pm


  • Person of color 06.04.09 @ 12:05pm

    I am a loser with no life wasting time doing nothing that matters.

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