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I've made peace with the team over Oscar Week, or Pawsc-Bark Wagk, or whatever they wanted to call it. Personally, I think there's virtue in making incredibly constricting, esoteric parodies of boring, award-baiting films that very few people have seen or care about. There's honor in it. There's the vague hope that an entertainment website will blog about our Oscar parodies, even though those will almost certainly not be as good as our other work, but hey, free press. It's worth it. And wheeling out some cute dogs in an attempt to "jazz up" the stale proceedings is just cheap pandering. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Also, I shaved the cat.


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  • killer 05.17.14 @ 12:20am
  • anh1212 05.15.14 @ 2:37am

    Now when you say you shaved the cat, did you actually shave the cat or did you shave Jon Worely as a stand in?
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  • nguyenhaiduya 05.14.14 @ 8:08pm
  • Banana_Man 02.25.13 @ 7:10pm

    dickstroyer is a dick

  • Person 02.24.13 @ 8:34am

    Your “random” button isn’t working!

  • dickstroyer 02.24.13 @ 6:35am

    soooo…. did Brian just get drunk all week and makes 5sf’s with his dog? His dog is more entertaining than 90% of the 5sf cast. Jon Worley and Brian Firenzi 4 LIFE.

  • Patsy 02.23.13 @ 9:22pm

    I don’t know why, but Brian’s delivery makes me chortle.

  • Justin Case 02.22.13 @ 7:28pm

    Brilliant on all accounts.

  • Jeff 02.22.13 @ 7:07pm

    Why would you make a dog edit your videos? First off, they lack manipulatable digits to efficiently use the mouse, or worse, mousepad, and the keys. They’ll try to hit one shortcut, but end up opening another, and then they try to ctr z that, and they accidentally hit ctr x and ctr c, placing copy after copy of images of dicks that were previously selected for various “other” uses. Second, they lack the ability to accurately judge time and understand the inner workings of number theory. What’s two? I can’t answer that well, how do you suppose a dog can do it in order to create a 5 second long video. Lastly, its lust for pbr must stop. alcoholism is a real disease and must be treated accordingly, and I would suggest an extended furlough until further notice. Thank you for your time.

  • MNXT5 02.22.13 @ 5:49pm


  • ShiftySam 02.22.13 @ 3:45pm

    How could Ringo care about editing when he’s chilling on an ICE COLD PBR?

  • Jonathan 02.22.13 @ 3:04pm

    [Shaved pussy joke]

  • MatthiasKL 02.22.13 @ 1:49pm

    I demand to see the shaved cat.  Now.

  • Arc Plunger 02.22.13 @ 11:00am

    Rollover.  Stay.  STAY!

  • T-Bone Malone 02.22.13 @ 9:36am

    Somebody help that poor C-Pain!

  • Pastor of Muppets 02.22.13 @ 7:50am

    It’s so cute when Brian calls it a “Team”... As if any of you had any part of decision-making.

    We all know… It’s all a syndicate shared by Meeps and Tele-Kats.

    /I give this video three foil hats

  • aldos 02.22.13 @ 7:39am

    C-Pain’s alive!!!!?!

  • AverageJoe 02.22.13 @ 7:17am

    Ok, screw it, I’m not fixing the wall this time. In fact, I like it that way. It lets in a nice breeze.

    Also, I have now named this cat Pawn ValPawn in the back of my mind.

  • Blackle 02.22.13 @ 6:49am

    is this a depiction of the early days of 5sf?

  • Matchstickman 02.22.13 @ 4:52am

    Now when you say you shaved the cat, did you actually shave the cat or did you shave Jon Worely as a stand in?

  • Matt LeBlanc 02.22.13 @ 2:33am


  • Cherub Cow 02.22.13 @ 12:51am

    There *is* honor in this. There *is*. I lol’ed, but at the same time, I thought about stuff too. Bravo 5sf. You have forged something tremendous.
    Now can we get back to poop next week?

  • squiggly line in your eye 02.22.13 @ 12:39am

    I have heard the urban legend, but thought it to be a hoax, but now I know. I have seen the horror with my own eyes. I have found the moment where a 5sf if on the website, but it is private! Oh brave new world please be a future of brighter purpose and far fewer tears. Now I leave to roam the mysterious realms of the World Wide Web, perhaps Youtube or Reddit. But I pray on my return that I may once again watch a 5sf in peace.

  • Frigid Bardot 02.22.13 @ 12:35am

    This video is so private.

    oh so private.

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