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Q: How many butthurt friendzoned forumwhiners does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: Five. 4 to masturbate in each corner and 1 to do it because there aren't any more corners to masturbate in.


  • gowjzsfsg 12.02.16 @ 8:22am

    2d0XMG veegzcfjplbg, ceqtryjfnhnw, [link=]wjccxtvioezd[/link],

  • rasmus 10.19.12 @ 10:43am

    great white balance and colour correction

    i wish i had something wittier to say. or at least sleazy remarks about kelsey

  • Inane Octopus(Z.C) 09.28.12 @ 12:06am

    This is great, but it’s the piano music that bumps it to five stars for me.

  • petsinwinter 09.24.12 @ 12:30am

    I’ve taken to saying friendzoned-ed just ‘cause I feel like the adjective needed that extra syllable

  • Brett 08.17.12 @ 3:22pm

    Sad clone face.

  • Charlie 08.10.12 @ 3:33am

    Actually, all five could be masturbating. If all four corners are used up, then all the forumwhiners are facing the corner and not at the center of the room. Thus, the fifth forumwhiner can freely masturbate in the center of the room safely. What makes it better is the light bulb will be out so it will be dark, providing extra protection for the forumwhiner masturbating in the middle.


  • Nicole 08.06.12 @ 10:35pm

    Bwa ha!

  • Hurricane 08.05.12 @ 10:26pm

    Love the video description lol

  • kalvynevans 08.04.12 @ 11:55pm

    Weird Owl on the fridge!

  • Simon 08.03.12 @ 8:28pm

    That was evil, Kelsey.

  • Bok 08.03.12 @ 3:04pm

    Dat piano.

  • Cloven 08.03.12 @ 12:41pm

    Well, at least he wasn’t Twilight-zoned.  That’s the worst.

  • padurn 08.03.12 @ 11:25am

    And unscrew this lid for me. Without men, women would live in the dark and not have pasta sauce or pickles. We also have feelings.

  • Fred 08.03.12 @ 7:08am

    Brotherzoned… can’t get worse.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 08.03.12 @ 7:05am

    The Friendzone is Evil.  That is all.

    /I give this video five feelings that I can talk to it about anything… And a desparate cuddle.

  • Here's the thing,... 08.03.12 @ 6:27am

    Rouss: I’m doing your sister…‘s lightbulbs first. She sucks…when it comes to heights.

  • Man Solo 08.03.12 @ 1:52am

    Oh, lord. Rouss’ second face.

  • Cherub Cow 08.03.12 @ 12:54am

    ..forumwhiners live in rooms without corners

  • Mr Friday 08.03.12 @ 12:29am


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