Little Ben Monster Hunter

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Armed with his trusty six-round ratchet-crank revolver, a steel-tipped fedora, and nerve gas-releasing cowboy boots, Little Ben stalked the Netherworlds, feared the Netherworld over by those who would dare take fathers from their children. But with each dead Screemwyng and every new Big Bludsucker corpse at his feet, Ben felt further and further away from the closure he so desperately craved.


  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:31pm

    Aaaaww its like supernatural Sam and Dean

  • ftkgskjr 12.22.11 @ 4:54am


  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:01pm

    This filled me with pure, unadulterated joy. I love the Christan Bale-Esq Batman voice, and the beard stubble is priceless. One of my favorites!

  • DrarkmorB 11.12.11 @ 5:18am

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  • Matt Fpshhh 07.30.10 @ 2:15am

    Most excellent!

  • 12and2 05.01.10 @ 6:54am

    It says six-round ratchet-crank revolver in the description, but in the last shot Ben is holding a Model 1911 variant!

  • BobBobman 04.23.10 @ 6:44pm

    That reminds me of Supernatural.

  • Failed Punchline 03.10.10 @ 3:13am

    Philip Glass!!!


  • Morpheus 02.08.10 @ 12:10am

    Little Ben just became a fucking badass.

  • Kushie 02.06.10 @ 7:09pm


  • John 01.28.10 @ 5:23pm

    Keep’em coming. you guys deserve medals… or..whatever they give people who make messed up films like these.

  • seriousheartburn 01.20.10 @ 9:02am

    can anyone say… “Twin Peaks”????

  • tania 12.10.09 @ 4:09am

    very cool! !!))

  • Amanda 08.26.09 @ 8:21pm


  • Little Ben 08.19.09 @ 12:23am

    Thats when everything changed…...

  • FunkooZegoida 08.12.09 @ 7:52am

    I need Ben’s help! A monster just attacked Town Hall and kidnapped the Mayor!!!!!

  • Drakmeire 07.09.09 @ 4:27pm

    Fun and by the way for all of you who commented that “you would see that movie” It already kind of exists “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer”  buy it as soon as you can it was one of the greatest 1 1/2 hours of my life.

  • Silly 07.01.09 @ 3:56pm

    I knew it. They DO exist! I knew the monster under my bed had taken my dad. And know the monster says he’s my dad. He may look like… But I KNOW he’s a monster!

  • boom-shakalaka 06.20.09 @ 12:22pm

    whoa!! i need to hire him!!
    cuz the same monster ate my dog mr. bonkers!!!

  • hEaRtLeSs 06.15.09 @ 10:49am

    thats the best!!!

  • Eric 06.12.09 @ 5:56pm

    So is he a Gunslinger now?

  • Felix 05.23.09 @ 12:53am

    I hope we see more of Little Ben

  • dwhee 05.13.09 @ 5:45pm

    I love it when I recognize the half-second of music at the end. Twin Peaks ftw.

  • BiggerJ 04.27.09 @ 1:25am

    Wait until he finds out who the current horrible misshapen creature whose only purpose is to be raped 24/7 and shit out new baby monsters is. That’s right. Dad.

  • Cam1020 04.23.09 @ 3:58pm

    Holy crap! I can’t hate anything with Twin Peaks music.

  • miyon 04.23.09 @ 12:41pm

    Oh man that was funny!

  • Arabian 04.23.09 @ 7:54am

    less angelo badalamenti. that guy’s a weirdo.

  • padurn 04.22.09 @ 9:13pm

    Funnier than Howie Mandel

  • Shmoe 04.22.09 @ 2:30pm

    hahah classic.  One of my new favorites

  • Doctor Zhivago 04.22.09 @ 11:25am

    more Angelo Badalamenti!

  • Aliceyy 04.22.09 @ 10:25am

    Love the beard on the kid. xDD

  • PA 04.22.09 @ 8:00am

    is he ok?

  • Jim 04.22.09 @ 7:23am

    little ben’s father can’t get enough unpleasant surprises…

  • Er aka Mom 04.22.09 @ 7:11am

    OMG - you guys are too much wink

  • SJK 04.21.09 @ 11:08pm

    I would watch that movie.

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