Little White Lie

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  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 9:29am

    Everything went better than expected….kinda…

  • harshmellowz 10.22.12 @ 4:40am

    look how beautiful Kelsey is xx

  • BigSoph 06.19.12 @ 5:51am

    You see the joke here is that some liberals are quick to label conservatives as prone to violence

    But then again, you have lots of evidence for it. The Tea Party rallies have no violence and clean up after themselves and the OWS has rapetowns… wait, that is the opposite of what is SUPPOSED to happen

  • Jeremy 02.07.12 @ 6:34am

    Love the video. The comment war makes me want to go out, get married and give my wife a black eye though.

  • Niceguy Eddie 09.04.11 @ 12:48pm

    MineTruly, states it perfectly.  This is funny. DISTURBING, yes. (To any same person.) But the irony is there, they’re clearly makign fun of people who TELL Wife-Beater jokes, and not the women or the act of violence.  That said… Man that still creeped me out.

  • mizz-mooz 12.22.10 @ 10:00pm

    and that makes it alright

  • the_nozzle_poots 11.04.10 @ 2:49pm


  • Obama 11.03.10 @ 1:22pm

    I didn’t hit Kelsey, but when I showed her my fist, she looked95 too closely. Violence is bad MMMMmmmkay?

  • GrumpyRob 10.12.10 @ 5:48pm

    I just want to compliment Makeup, the bruising was amazingly well done! It really looked painful…

  • Gamegeneral 08.29.10 @ 7:17pm

    Ignoring the flame war above, I still can’t see that button fly off. What are you guys talking about?

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.31.10 @ 11:40am

    It’s a joke for the love of God, and if your taking it too seriously then you obviously do not understand the definition of the word joke.

  • Jim Jim 06.18.10 @ 5:54am

    HEY!!! sometime ya just gotta beat em

  • Massengill 06.17.10 @ 2:58pm

    Probably was, anyway great 5sf. I think it’s a moth in the second shot. It arcs upward.

  • rex goliath 05.15.10 @ 10:51pm

    Cecelia you left out some important information. Was your grandmother asking for it?

  • OnTheSubjectOfHitting 04.30.10 @ 11:17pm

    I would tap both of them, if you know what i mean

  • LawnmowerJuan 04.16.10 @ 3:04pm

    I love you guys

  • Guy in tha bak 04.02.10 @ 10:07pm

    wow cant believe how many people got offended by five seconds of film.

  • MineTruly 02.17.10 @ 9:21am

    Whee, thanks comment form, way to lose my paragraph breaks.

  • MineTruly 02.17.10 @ 9:20am

    The fact is, any joke where we laugh at violence against women PROMOTES violence against women. They’ve done studies and discovered that men exposed to sexist jokes are less upset by abuse and rape of women than are men who were not exposed to the jokes.

    That said, while this 5sf DOES do that kind of damage, it also expresses how big of taboo it is—the humor lies in the fact that we all know domestic violence is WRONG, and it’s funny because the family is so casual about it. The boyfriend clearly shows the reaction that any sane person would have. We know that the 5sf is being ironic, and the ultimate message is “abuse is absolutely wrong.”

    Of course there are certain topics that offend certain people. The one where the mother preserved her baby in carbonite would horrify anyone whose baby died, but nobody complained about that. Then there are the suicide jokes that would upset those who have lost someone to suicide—or encourage people who are suicidal. But we laugh and don’t complain. Is it right or wrong? I’m not sure, but we’re certainly inconsistent if we complain, “oh, THIS one is offensive!”

    Right or wrong, I thought this video was funny. And it didn’t encourage abuse as much as many wifebeater jokes do.

  • MineTruly 02.17.10 @ 9:10am

    OH NO! The mother has a black eye!

  • david 11.22.09 @ 10:53am

    what do you tell a woman with two black eyes?            -nothin you haven’t told her twice already!

  • Joke 11.18.09 @ 2:22pm

    Um, for those who don’t get it, what they’re making fun of here is that some families (usually conservatives) have a huge problem with a hickey or pre-marital sex, because they’re supposedly defending the “honor and purity” of the woman, but have no problem with “putting a woman in her place”, by violence if necessary. We’ve all met people like this. This is just mocking how f*cked up and hypocritical that attitude is.

  • NexPravus 11.11.09 @ 3:21am

    Continuity error: the woman with the black eye is holding her drink up to her lips, but in the next shot she’s not all of a sudden.
    Oh, and amazing video too.

  • Morgan 11.07.09 @ 7:17am

    I respect the fact that a member of the website responded in an even handed fashion. I’ll stop responding to this issue now.

  • Brian Firenzi 11.06.09 @ 3:24pm

    While you have a strong point about everything else, Morgan, that link’s been there since day one.

  • Morgan 11.05.09 @ 11:55pm

    The Link was added quite a bit after the film was put up (after people started complaining). Don’t try to be clever, people don’t get offended by humour, they get offended by issues. Domestic abuse is a 7:3 ratio to Women.

  • Justin King of Nothing 11.05.09 @ 7:16pm

    This video is funny. People who get offended by humor need to get off their high horses. The creators even included a link at the bottom for domestic violence. They realize that it is a real problem. By joking about it, and putting it on their site, they help to raise awareness.

    Also, how is it the last stronghold of sexism? Domestic abuse can occur to men as well as women. Its spousal abuse.

  • Morgan 11.02.09 @ 10:08am

    @ The “Great” Kev

    Terrible diction and an insult only used in America; something tells me you don’t appreciate other people’s opinions…

  • The Great Keav 11.02.09 @ 10:03am

    wow… ur a douche… its FUNNY, everything has an equal right to be funny… and if ya can’t understand that, ur a douche… really…

  • Cecelia 10.31.09 @ 4:00pm

    This is not going to be funny to people with abuse in their families. My grandmother was beat up her whole life in front of my mom. If you want to make this kind of stuff know your audience: people lucky enough to not know somebody who’s been abused or to have been abused themselves (who have little empathy). Humor is a powerful tool, and also the last stronghold of sexism.

  • daria 10.24.09 @ 2:09pm

    hahaahha that guys expressions are priceless

  • Ala 10.21.09 @ 8:31am

    I like the “Keep Clicking” link. <3

  • Earthbreaker 10.21.09 @ 8:17am

    Somewhere in a parallel universe there’s a 5sf that goes:
    Dad: Did he hit you?!
    Girl: NO! It’s err…a hickey!
    Dad: ...oh, ok.
    Mom: *smiles with big red neck*

    And everyone will be cool with this, because to them hickeys are all right…

    Wait a minute…

  • lobo 10.20.09 @ 7:11pm

    It’s the silence that’s so disturbing.

  • The Great Keav 10.19.09 @ 11:50am

    hey, everything’s funny, stop being so stuck up people!

  • Stevie-G 10.18.09 @ 12:19pm

    WHAT Alfred cunningham U HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY THEN SAY IT. At this point u may know i have nothing bad to say. Alfred cunningham dont change a thing.

  • dickhead (the hot sause) 10.18.09 @ 11:55am

    Click on the KEEP CLICKING in the caption under the film….

  • Jeff Fries 10.17.09 @ 11:31pm


  • Jim 10.15.09 @ 6:41pm

    THERE’S the funny. Well done.

  • taylor 10.15.09 @ 3:56pm

    I agree miyon- I think its f’ing great that 5SF speaks of the unspoken.  They are equal opportunity exploiters - no one and nothing is safe from a joke- thats what makes them the funny machine they are!

  • miyon 10.15.09 @ 3:19pm

    I find it funny that some people are upset about this vid. Oh come on, remember “Slamfuckers, Inc”? Yeah there are some topics that normally shouldnt be joked about but jesus this was funny. The crew at 5SF are great at making us laugh with no boundaries of what to joke about. Us (their fan base) should remember that. Hell if my sister watched just about any of these vids she would have an epileptic fit of being offended.,

  • Alfred cunningham 10.15.09 @ 2:00pm

    wow Stevie-G just wow

  • Rastamussen 10.15.09 @ 1:46pm

    nothing says hilarious like domestic violence


  • Stevie-G 10.15.09 @ 1:36pm

    LOL i just got y the mom had a black eye and why the dad didn’t get mad when she said he hit her.

  • jubbs 10.15.09 @ 1:26pm

    Battered women? Sounds delicious.

  • ME 10.15.09 @ 12:42pm

    Sad thing is, this has been the best close up of Kelsey’s eyes… Noticed how pretty they are for the first time.

  • jerkson 10.15.09 @ 12:42pm

    Violence against women. Hilarious. Not really.

  • question 10.15.09 @ 12:05pm

    anyone know wher the video stegosaurus went?


  • Matayoman 10.15.09 @ 11:29am

    haha, dude i think Jeff was right. in the second what looks to be a button flies across the shot.

  • ME 10.15.09 @ 11:12am

    When a man hits a woman, it’s horrible, tragic, and wrong.  When a woman hits a man, it’s HILARIOUS!!

  • Mister Sweaters 10.15.09 @ 9:48am

    What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

    Nothing, she’s already been told twice!

  • Hey morgan! 10.15.09 @ 9:21am

    fuck you, that’s funny!

  • Morgan 10.15.09 @ 9:07am

    That’s not Funny. Nor is it Intelligent. It makes me angry but I don’t think that’s what you were trying to achieve with this.

  • lolFurry 10.15.09 @ 8:25am

    I wish my dad was like that

  • Kevin 10.15.09 @ 7:17am

    Wow, good work Kelsey. It’s the little things.

  • Earthbreaker 10.15.09 @ 6:30am

    So….ooooooooh right


  • Jeff 10.15.09 @ 4:16am

    Did a button shoot off of his blazer?

  • the one and only... 10.15.09 @ 3:41am

    this is much better than the first three from this week. and that’s not saying much.

  • Vurtax 10.15.09 @ 2:14am

    Wow…he’s so calm to it.

  • SuperKev 10.15.09 @ 2:13am

    FIRST! Finally, i knew I stayed up for a reason! Haha!

    On another note…OMG dudes! You actually went there didn’t you….

    And on yet ANOTHER note…I really need to kiss both of the girls! smile

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