Lost Cat. Answers To:

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His foolish pride now served as his greatest folly. The whole night he would wander the dangerous, boot- and laser-filled streets of Silver Spring.


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  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:09pm


  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:09pm

    Damn, Brian really wants that doughnut.

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  • lasj01 10.07.11 @ 5:59pm

    When is episode 2 of this drama?

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  • John 09.28.11 @ 1:29pm

    This is some crazy stuff.  Whose cat is that?

  • John 09.28.11 @ 1:28pm

    This is some crazy stuff

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  • Joshua 04.16.11 @ 10:23am

    Silver Spring MD, he was at discovery channel trying to get a show on animal planet.

    I would totally watch it

  • Fawkes 11.28.10 @ 12:15pm

    Why was this changed?

  • ModelOZX 08.22.10 @ 9:02pm

    I feel a bit sorry for that lost cat.

    ...Cuz’ I like cats, obviously.

  • Robyn Markow 06.15.10 @ 2:28pm

    That’s cause Cats are “Priceless”;-)

  • James 05.13.10 @ 3:27pm

    Taxi Driver!! Yes…

  • Stahi 04.26.10 @ 12:45am

    Silver Spring?  MARYLAND!?  D:

  • Veronica Odden 04.22.10 @ 3:34pm

    This video keeps me going another day.  It’s wonderful, thank you.  I haven’t gut-laughed in a long time.

  • Sean Holloway 04.20.10 @ 7:35pm

    That owner was *Puts on sunglasses* a total pussy


  • Lodi K. 04.20.10 @ 2:20pm

    Actually both my cats answer to their names!!! but still very funny!!! hahahahah!! love it!

  • david 04.20.10 @ 11:40am


  • Daz 04.20.10 @ 12:13am

    Nice! Fucking cat rulezzz

  • The Lost Cat 04.19.10 @ 12:50pm

    Hey, you think this is funny? Its bad enough I’m lost, but then my owner says I don’t have a name? Bullshit! I have a name! That bastard better watch out if I ever see him again! Next time I do, I’m introducing his nuts to my claws.

  • Your Biological Father 04.19.10 @ 11:04am

    At first I thought it was going to be a cat from the show LOST, who responds to “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLT!!!!!”

  • BobBobman 04.17.10 @ 7:57pm

    DICK! That’s awesome. But then again, if the cat can read, he knows his address, so he can get home. That;s odd.

  • Sarcastic Name 04.16.10 @ 9:23am

    Is that the cat from “4 years awesome luck?”

  • UMD fool 04.14.10 @ 7:31pm

    Damn, I was half hoping that was Silver Spring MD…
    The only thing that happens around here are Metro accidents

  • maricon 04.14.10 @ 3:51pm

    amazing. Did u have to dress up the cat and take a pic of it for the poster??...hmmm

  • Daniel 04.14.10 @ 1:38pm

    Having only two days ago written a paper on Taxi Driver, I feel qualifed to analyze this film as well:

    That cat owns.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.14.10 @ 12:02pm

    he left after the “Brian shaves an arrow on his chest” incedent.

  • The OTHER Brian 04.14.10 @ 11:00am

    I never knew three words could be places in a way to be that hilarious

  • CyrusTarber 04.14.10 @ 10:50am

    No wonder he ran away, if they treat him like that.

  • Mayser, the Tyrolean 04.14.10 @ 10:24am

    C-Pain ambled around the sod riddle streets. Passing hipsters would scoff as the lucid cat passed by and scarf a can of PBR (how ironic is that).

    As the night waned, giving way to day, C-Pain thought about old times with Bryan. Now marred by his betrayal, these memories were like a steel toed boot the ribs: good if your into that kind of thing otherwise it was pure pain, indescribably.

    It was now twilight (not those damn book/movies!), where light crawls in but is still to dark, where everything is that solemn shade of gray, lit but undefined. C-Pain toed the border of Silver Springs but glanced back one last time. For a second, thoughts of going back flooded the mind. But only a second.

    As the sun peers over the horizon, it saw the back of black cat, formally C-Pain, stroll off to parts unknown. By full sunrise, no trace was left of that jaded soul.

  • Dan 04.14.10 @ 9:36am

    Silver Spring, CA…where budding ghipsters and working-class Jhexicans live together in (relative) peace and harmony.

  • Fish 04.14.10 @ 8:46am

    Thank you, ItsaFish!

  • Cat master 04.14.10 @ 7:21am

    Best one EVeR!!!!!!!!

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.14.10 @ 7:16am

    its funny cause its so true.

  • Matt 04.14.10 @ 6:26am

    Names are for dogs!

  • TheDude 04.14.10 @ 6:19am

    The dialog can also be used as a horrid pirate pickup line.

    “Yar, that’s me dick”

  • The SuperestKev of All 04.14.10 @ 5:40am

    Hahaha! Can anybody read what his collar says?

  • Tori 04.14.10 @ 3:19am

    mine answers to furball and you stupid fucking cat

  • ItsaFish 04.14.10 @ 3:02am

    It’s the theme from Taxi Driver.
    *shakes my head* God, it’s scary that I know that.

  • Raymond Roman 04.14.10 @ 2:44am

    DICK! I lawled.

  • Fish 04.14.10 @ 12:27am

    Cats are always funny.
    But…this music is from a movie…
    what is IT???  Someone has to help me.
    Chinatown?  Sunset Blvd?  HELP!!!

  • 42uck 04.13.10 @ 11:20pm

    3 words. Hilarious.

  • Vandroy 04.13.10 @ 11:19pm

    at first i was like ._. ... but then i lol’d ... a lot

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