Maximus Lonelinus

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Are you not entertained? We could go somewhere else, if you are not, it's okay, I want you to have a good time. It didn't cost that much money to get in here. There's a nicer coliseum up the street, did you want to...what's that? Oh, you have to go? Well, do you need a ride in my chariot, I could...okay, that's fine. Stop by sometime? All right, well I had fun, we should do this again. Bye...


  • yjuajevh 11.30.16 @ 7:00am

    yOvXgt xwonqebptsil, lywygqfexfoi, [link=]aopwctlaufqr[/link],

  • Anthony 03.20.11 @ 4:34am

    Forever alone

  • Awww. 10.13.10 @ 7:11am

    Michael makes the best sad faces.

  • John Couper 10.03.10 @ 10:08pm

    Talk about a low blow.

  • Keevee 10.03.10 @ 12:25pm

    @ vigorus anal sex: you just made my day.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 09.27.10 @ 2:56pm

    Maximus needs a different approach81.

  • wererat2000 09.21.10 @ 9:18pm

    necropheliac 3some?

  • odd 09.21.10 @ 7:48pm

    I couldn’t come up with a joke that contained law69.

  • BaboonMan 09.21.10 @ 3:25pm

    I’m finding this difficult to masturbate to.

  • Enabsflow 2: Electric Boogaloo 09.21.10 @ 2:23pm

    In his eyes, both women were winners by there own rights. Thus, necrophelia was born.

  • Nero 09.21.10 @ 1:21pm

    its the “aw :-(” at the end that does it for me

  • Enabsflow 09.21.10 @ 11:05am

    Is the text 3-D Now?

  • Caesar. 09.21.10 @ 9:42am

    Obviously, the problem is that there wasn’t enough bread. Or circuses. This video needs more of both.

  • Fish 09.21.10 @ 7:59am

    Ave Imperator, morituri te recusamus.

  • freak 09.21.10 @ 7:55am

    Dude, more videos in which Olivia and Kelsey are barefoot!

  • vigorous anal sex 09.21.10 @ 7:44am

    Looks like the emperor…(puts on sunglasses) Has Ben-Hur before.

  • Renato 09.21.10 @ 7:07am

    That´s harsh, Bromius Maximus. Let´s go hit up an amphora of wine, what do you say?

  • Colecovision 09.21.10 @ 6:15am

    That won’t stop him

  • C-Pain 09.21.10 @ 5:57am

    omg the video description is so sadly funny

  • Hello, hooray! 09.21.10 @ 5:50am

    this, Halloween, I want to see sexy gladiators asking for my candy.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 09.21.10 @ 3:24am

    so thats where the emo cowboys learned to duel.

  • Scipio 09.21.10 @ 2:41am


  • Matchstickman 09.21.10 @ 1:07am

    I would suggest that’s Zanderflex’s ancestor but the chances of him passing on his genes…

  • This is my fantasy 09.20.10 @ 11:59pm

    Looks to me they’re both winners.

  • quaddamage 09.20.10 @ 11:47pm

    Poor guy :(

  • jogiff 09.20.10 @ 11:02pm

    Don’t feel bad, they were obviously just too intimidated by your mighty pillar.

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