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​If only Rousselet took care to note that he was walking into a Subway "Punnel" as opposed to an "Abortion Clinic," which is where he intended to go.


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  • Anonymous 04.27.14 @ 10:16pm
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  • toilette 02.26.14 @ 9:17pm

    My buddy’s response is that it’s mainly religious; in other terms, that something implicit to Islam spur on destruction bombers and the like. bubblegum casting legitimate

  • Peacebone 01.09.13 @ 11:33am

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this that I started to black out and my friend took it too far and slapped me in the face.  never again

  • NotSoCuddly 01.09.13 @ 6:31am

    You heard the man, Michael! 

    (whispers…) But, I don’t care for it either.

  • PastorSmackasstor 01.07.13 @ 11:08pm

    Where do you guys find such an inexhaustible amount of mustaches?

  • Anon 01.07.13 @ 2:59pm


  • Frigid Bardot 01.06.13 @ 9:29pm

    I miss “Friends”  hair Rousselet.

    He was so easygoing.

  • BonerPhil 01.05.13 @ 10:13pm

    @Radcliffe Eccleston

    I charged your mom 5 dollars for a ride on my foot-long.

  • Beerista 01.05.13 @ 3:02pm

    Grinder? I barely know ‘er!
    No really, I’m no hero…
    Do the hoagie poagie and you turn yourself around!

    Sorry guys, I know these puns are sub par.

  • insert_funny 01.04.13 @ 4:18am

    All the trouble to send a giant sandwich down the line and Rousselet can’t be bothered to stick around? Po’ Boy.

  • Radcliffe Eccleston 01.03.13 @ 5:22pm

    He didn’t wan’t to be charged 5 dollars for a foot-long train ride.

  • Dick McSlick 01.03.13 @ 4:47pm

    I challenge the 5SF crew and commenters to think up as many ball jokes as they can right now. Go.

  • Whorific 01.03.13 @ 4:46pm

    Well… fuck… I got nothin’. You win.

  • Touchgortonsfishsticks 01.03.13 @ 4:09pm

    After watching this video I was planning on subbing to 5sf and writing a subtle pun in the comments, but im from the melting pot that is new jersey; and since a sandwich such as this is commonly referred to a “hoagie” I do not understand this video. Perhaps you could conduct me to such a website that would explain the meat of this joke?

    wait a second


  • Pizza or AFK 01.03.13 @ 2:19pm

    Poor Brian has to sit there by his provolonesome

  • SkypeTestCall 01.03.13 @ 1:15pm

    Next stop, Spaghettysburg, PA

  • Pastor of Muppets 01.03.13 @ 12:32pm

    I don’t really understand why he had a beef with this joke.

    /I give this video three slices of fresh mozarella

  • Dr. Punnenstein 01.03.13 @ 10:22am

    I used central air-conditioning before it was cool.

  • matchstickman 01.03.13 @ 10:04am

    Yeah, I’m with you Rousselet, I’m not sticking around to comment either.

  • Le_Unis 01.03.13 @ 9:28am

    Michael was actually a Hindu terrorist, who wanted to jägerbomb the train, but because of the bovine substances this particular subway car consisted of he didn’t feel like “sticking around for this”. And the underground of Gotham was saved.

    - Dalai Lama

  • FredFred 01.03.13 @ 7:35am


  • tron 01.03.13 @ 5:28am

    I would like to see more of this conductor in the future.

  • Here's the thing,... 01.03.13 @ 5:02am

    Rouss went straight to the nearest bar and ordered an old-fashioned. Unfortunately, the bartender served him bathtub gin just before the G-Men raided the joint and beat the shit out of him.

  • Kalvyn Evans 01.03.13 @ 2:44am

    Meatball… Train. Hmm, I don’t get it. Are they training the meatballs? Do they do tricks? Or wait, umm, sandwich… station. No, I really don’t get this joke at all.

  • Billy Pilgrim 01.03.13 @ 2:30am

    Now I’m just hungry….

  • Cherub Cow 01.03.13 @ 2:15am

    Too good for this pun, Rousse?!?!?

  • TheIneptRobustMongoloid 01.03.13 @ 1:42am


  • T-Bone Malone 01.03.13 @ 1:35am

    The last words of Michael Jackson.

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