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Don't let them in if you see them. Actually, that won't stop them. Actually, we're all dead. But it's okay, because we'll leave beautiful corpses with our awesome, high-quality Meeps shirts!


  • hello there 02.24.15 @ 12:48pm

    Hah. LoL.

  • hello there 02.24.15 @ 12:48pm

    Hah. LoL.

  • Jared 12.19.12 @ 3:55pm

    I thought everyone forgot about quest for glory lol… Hopefully we don’t encounter any antwerps.

  • I LOL'd 12.30.11 @ 1:35pm

    The T-shirt isn’t that great, but this is the most hilarious 5-second Film of ALL TIME I TELL YOU!

  • The Austin 10.23.11 @ 12:15am

    This is how Harold Camping predicted the world will end.

  • bisnis online 10.12.11 @ 9:58am

    I love the tee-shirt! that’s cute.

  • Tainainfwnfawnfuiwbfiubaufbwubfianbfsbfiwb 08.19.11 @ 12:04am


  • The girl in your kitchen 08.18.11 @ 1:04am

    lol i think i memorized the script.

    Guy: Meeps?
    Guy: Meeeeeeeeeeeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Dramatic one key piano ending.

    :D love it

  • Yes75 03.29.11 @ 10:05pm


  • This is... 01.29.11 @ 1:21pm

    Hail the almighty meeps.

  • EviL EsKiMo 01.19.11 @ 5:56pm

    its good meeps gone bad18!

  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 12.29.10 @ 9:21pm

    I don’t think Jonny should play with the meeps.
    He’ll be fine

  • futhermucker 11.17.10 @ 12:05pm

    and54 you’re lookin at the proud owner of a Meeps shirt…MEEEEEEEEeeeeps!

  • DISTROUGHT CONSUMER 09.23.10 @ 10:07pm


  • GS 09.16.10 @ 3:47pm

    Could someone make a GIF of this :D?

  • thegoodsamaritan 08.04.10 @ 10:31am


  • The New GameCube 07.29.10 @ 10:30pm

    love the tee-shirt!

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 1:02am

    This is why I own an autoshotgun.

  • Jimbo 06.30.10 @ 2:57pm

    Who is the actor?

  • CrowbarWarrior 06.27.10 @ 6:59am

    Lol thought it was ‘memes’.

  • Zfantasy 05.26.10 @ 1:31pm

    5sf, I want you guys to know, that when I am having a bad day i can come watch a few of your amazing videos and it will cheer me up.

  • rex goliath 05.16.10 @ 3:26am

    Welp, American Apparel doesn’t make fatty shirts, and I’m a big fatty, so I think I hate you now.

  • Gamecube 05.14.10 @ 9:28pm

    god damn i need a tee-shirt!

  • Jeff 04.26.10 @ 4:01pm

    I got me that shirt.  It is AWESOME.

  • wererat200 03.28.10 @ 10:29pm

    meh, flamethrowers are all you realy need in this vid

  • Saikyo Mog's Ex Girlfriend's Stalker 03.11.10 @ 5:42am

    and get a life.

  • MineTruly 01.24.10 @ 4:22pm

    I love the way the casual way the meeps say “meep,” even when they’re overwhelming him.

  • I Stand For Good Music 12.06.09 @ 5:25am

    Time to bring out Tom Watson.


  • Cody 11.22.09 @ 1:11pm

    ahahahaha i love tha way he first says meeps.

  • Timmy Don't Piss On That! 10.27.09 @ 6:41am

    Grants will kick Meeps asses…if they have any…and if not Grants will just kill them

  • dwhee 09.29.09 @ 11:55am

    dango, dango, dango, dango, dango daikozoku.

  • mitchell 09.23.09 @ 5:49pm

    i love it

  • Ef Rodriguez 09.19.09 @ 12:50pm

    I love this more than I love my family.


  • That Guy over there in the corner 08.29.09 @ 1:39pm

    Kyle~“I would love to see the version of this before any video editing was done.”

    lol definably!

  • Saikyo Mog's Ex Girlfriend 08.28.09 @ 10:35pm

    you big headed ass get a job.

  • Ty 08.28.09 @ 10:33pm

    you guys should see 5sf merch and little plushie Meeps.
    so everyone can own a little peice of death.

  • lauren 08.25.09 @ 5:05pm

    i cant imagine the script for that the only word meeps or meep

  • Lydia 08.13.09 @ 5:37pm

    Now, now, Saikyo Mog (and grandma), let’s not get bratty.

  • Saikyo Mog 08.13.09 @ 2:08pm

    Not at all, I’m just more knowledgeable in certain things than you are it seems…I also don’t lack self-esteem like you seem to…...

  • saikyo mog's grandma 08.13.09 @ 1:40pm

    @ saikyo mog: ur lonely, arent u?

  • flop 07.16.09 @ 7:00am


  • Saikyo Mog 07.10.09 @ 8:52am

    I’m wondering if the Meeps from the old PC game Quest for Glory had anything to do with the name/look of those creatures…They do resemble them somewhat… >_>

  • somepartsareme 06.29.09 @ 8:38am

    More one key piano endings.

  • kelsey 06.25.09 @ 11:46am

    Ben Gigli——

    I watched Meeps for weeks before discovering you were involved with this genius site.

  • man living in your sink 06.22.09 @ 10:30am

    meeps are the problem?
    what about the flying monkeys? they’re fucking monsters!

  • Hannah the Sexy Lady 06.18.09 @ 10:40pm

    that was pretty hilarious. also, that kid is preeeeetty attractive.

  • Kyle 06.18.09 @ 4:42pm

    I would love to see the version of this before any video editing was done.

  • the man living in your sink 06.07.09 @ 7:46am

    whats so funny people?? this is a true dire problem! they must be stopped or the world as we know it will end!!!
    ...... well maybe not

  • Tom 06.06.09 @ 9:46am

    i love the piano at the end hahaha

  • rayge 05.24.09 @ 6:04am

    its funnier to listen than to watch

  • Frois 05.04.09 @ 2:09pm


  • Kurt 05.01.09 @ 8:32pm

    lol, definetly my favourite. apart from the changeling.

  • TheThingy 03.26.09 @ 1:10pm

    Best one yet

  • Shappie 02.09.09 @ 10:00am

    Absolutely the best!  Favorite one by far.

  • Rudolf 02.08.09 @ 8:59pm

    Greater than great!

  • Audrey 02.04.09 @ 8:43pm

    This is my favorite 5SF and I can’t stop watching it and I love you

  • Daniel 01.27.09 @ 11:46am

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Definitely my favorite

  • Becky 01.18.09 @ 10:19am

    hahahahahahaha my FAVORITE 5 second film everrr

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