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Olivia Taylor Dudley, a recently divorced thirty-something-year-old, has a family that just can't help getting involved in her personal life, or lack thereof. After her sister puts her profile on, this preschool teacher goes on a number of outrageous and hilarious dates. But will she be able to find the one who must love dogs?


  • jenna 10.17.14 @ 5:30am

    Dogs can be really some suitable pets for people who have a constant need for affection , caused by personal life with a negative aura in this regard . Also, is a way to meet other people passionate about these animals.

  • Jon 10.17.14 @ 12:28am

    I don’t know what to say..I’m a little confused, it’s about meeting cute or an angry animals! In the end the girl don’t seems to look amused!

  • freegame3 08.28.14 @ 7:37am

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  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:46am

    Blood thirsty animals

  • Mikey 09.22.10 @ 1:50pm

    If you pause it at 0:07 that little dog is totally getting some bosom! 

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.09.10 @ 7:54pm

    I know I say this a lot but I really did not see that coming.

  • gw crawford 06.07.10 @ 1:59pm

    “Probably not a Nobel, but aim high.”
    Apparently to win one of those you just have to not be George Bush!

  • cronin_burger 02.18.10 @ 2:48pm

    Amazing performance! The little dog attacking the hottie at the end gives it that much more. 8/10

  • MineTruly 01.26.10 @ 10:06am

    Too many families are torn apart by simple things, like wild dogs.

  • thetatersupreme 10.10.09 @ 3:27pm

    i’m a demon wink

  • joec 10.08.09 @ 8:02pm

    There should have been 101 of them ripping those saps to shreds.

  • Earthbreaker 10.08.09 @ 1:52am

    Lets murder one of these other dogs!

  • Shmoe 10.06.09 @ 7:18pm

    hahhaah glorious.

  • The OTHER Brian 10.06.09 @ 12:24pm

    Shit, just when you think you meet someone special, DOGS COME OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

  • SuperKev 10.06.09 @ 11:45am

    One of the best ever! hahahahaha
    5 stars!

  • lolFurry 10.06.09 @ 9:21am

    oh lawds I love dogs.
    This is fantastic.

  • Your Biological Father 10.06.09 @ 6:54am

    Beautiful woman + overalls = yes please.

  • ME 10.06.09 @ 5:44am

    Olivia should win a Grammy for her performance here.  Her look in fighting off that Dachshund was priceless.

    Maybe even a Pulitzer.  Probably not a Nobel, but aim high.

  • Jim 10.06.09 @ 5:29am


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