Mendoza’s Game

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The clock was ticking. The killer had 6 scrolls left for Mendoza to find. And his hostage, Walter "The Wizard" Scoggins, was held hostage in a barbershop pole factory. Mendoza put out an APB for the fastest, least willing-to-read-a-regular-book 1st graders. All they could do now was pray.


  • Apes_Of_Space 10.16.13 @ 12:17am

    -spammers end-

  • daewoo parts 09.14.11 @ 9:03am


  • fuck alanhawk 12.22.10 @ 9:42am

    who spams 5sf?

  • Lavunte 10.26.10 @ 11:08pm

    WALDO!!!! U BASTARD!!! lmao

  • AnarchistGrandpa 07.14.10 @ 11:37am


  • Scaryass 06.28.10 @ 1:31am

    i have a tatoo of wally on my genitals
    so the question is…do you really want to find wally?

  • Rus pussy 04.20.10 @ 12:27am

    Very nice :DDDD
    и да про даунов ты прав друг ^^

  • the Russian busy Man 04.08.10 @ 8:56am

    funny :D
    русские, все- таки дауны эти америкосы ^^

  • Rose 03.30.10 @ 11:14am

    Carlos, you sexy beast

  • shmoe 03.24.10 @ 2:12pm

    hahah genius.  CARLOS!!!!!!!!!!

  • ,':D 03.22.10 @ 6:01pm

    Carlos is too damn sexy. If he had to sleep with my husband, I’d want to join in, no hesitation.

  • Nickloves5SF 03.22.10 @ 3:58am

    Walter is the German version, but really It’s where’s Wally fools

    ‘The Where’s Wally? trademark was adapted for 28 countries. The titular character acquired a different name in most localized versions. He became Waldo in the United States and Canada, Charlie in France, Walter in Germany, Holger in Denmark, Willy in Norway, Valli in Iceland, and Effy in Israel.’

    also lol

  • 80's TV Show Reference 03.19.10 @ 11:45am


  • Tom 03.19.10 @ 11:39am

    That ending music is win

  • Jim 03.19.10 @ 10:50am

    who said anything about…wife?

  • tdilla 03.19.10 @ 10:09am

    he should have said “enhance” instead of “closer”. They always say “enhance”.

  • Over Dramatic 03.19.10 @ 9:04am

    WALDO!?.@#$%^&*(sum lim mes)<sneaky>?:”{wet},./;’[fart]=+5318008

  • Wide 03.19.10 @ 8:52am


  • Sheep22 03.19.10 @ 6:30am

    I dont care what anyone else says it’s Wally

  • ... ME 03.19.10 @ 4:37am

    it took me 30 years but i finaly found waldo.

  • the one and only... 03.19.10 @ 3:07am

    i can’t find my “Where’s Waldo” book… OH THE IRONY!!!

  • Andrew 03.18.10 @ 11:37pm

    I don’t think I got it.

  • Tori 03.18.10 @ 11:33pm

    i found walter once..he was hiding behind the couch with jesus and the easter bunny drinking JD

  • blind rayge 03.18.10 @ 11:21pm

    Anyone who was anyone knew that Wizard Whitebeard was Waldo’s mentor.

  • rayge 03.18.10 @ 11:16pm

    I didnt know that waldo’s real name was walter, Oh wait, they just avoided a lawsuit

  • IcarusReloaded 03.18.10 @ 11:12pm

    Oh shit, looks like Walter is fucked.

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