Mike Vs. Coffee

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Mike takes seizing the day a bit literally. Also, see if you can figure out how many people in total are in the background, watching Mike wrestle a cup of coffee in the final shot.


  • TheDew 01.17.13 @ 3:01pm


  • Alessia 04.15.12 @ 4:16am

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  • demonstarfox 09.05.11 @ 7:41am

    It is currently 7:40 AM.
    I have been up all night, and goddammit I can’t stop watching these.

  • hunybunnster 09.03.11 @ 8:48pm

    oh mike!!

  • Modelos de Elite 06.24.11 @ 4:19pm

    Aside from ur mother’s…. But I’m not counting that one cuz i starred in it

  • The OTHER Brian 05.08.11 @ 6:35am

    look closely, you can see the hand that turned the cup!!!! XD

    Free West Memphis Three!

  • EvIL EsKiMo 10.06.10 @ 10:48am

    we counted 5

  • CoffeeBoy 09.21.10 @ 1:18am

    hehe made me chuckle so I added it to my blog :D

  • SaboteurSam 09.01.10 @ 3:38am

    It’s nice that you you the “Sword Swings” sound effect from Kill Bill in several films. I like it.

  • Jonathan 08.03.10 @ 7:34am

    @gabe339 - YES! Obscure FOB reference! xD

  • Rob The Healthy Coffee Guy 07.30.10 @ 4:47pm

    Nice Movie. Good quality.  Gotta see other 5 second movies. OK, there is only one guy watching.  A guy in the truck parked across the street. I see on kid, or cop, just a guy in the truck

  • Ultimate Coffee Business 07.30.10 @ 11:33am

    haha. how could he wrestle a coffee cup?

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.23.10 @ 9:21am

    Why didn’t the cop do anything to stop the fight?

  • Arnster 04.13.10 @ 4:33pm

    a cop, at the door, and the kid. + the hand

  • cronin_burger 02.17.10 @ 11:05am

    Fantastic.  Just fantastic. 8/10

  • gabe339 02.09.10 @ 3:33pm

    Coffee’s (for) Closures

  • The Man with 3 Buttchecks 10.20.09 @ 1:21pm

    OMFG that is the best vid I’ve ever seen….. Aside from ur mother’s…. But I’m not counting that one cuz i starred in it

  • the one and only... 10.06.09 @ 4:31pm

    totally four, including the kid

  • insignificisn't 09.15.09 @ 8:16pm

    definitely 4. a little kid pops out at the end. oh yeah!

  • Mario 03.22.09 @ 3:05pm

    Also there’s a hand.

  • anonymous 03.02.09 @ 12:19pm

    I count 3

  • tricky pete 02.08.09 @ 10:21am

    Damn. I lost 20 bucks on that fight.

  • Frois 02.07.09 @ 5:32pm

    hmmm 1 in the car, another one at the left and the other one upstairs ???

    hmm but theirs maybe some1 in the car on the street =O

  • Hean 01.19.09 @ 2:40pm

    3 or 4 ?

  • Monte Rousselet 01.14.09 @ 4:34am

    that’s my silly boy :D

  • Shmoe 01.08.09 @ 12:55pm

    hahah That silly Mike will never learn

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