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The station managers didn't even broadcast the first five minutes in English, and whoever edited the pilot accidentally put in footage of their pet parakeet dying in front of a fireplace. It still scored a 14.1, beating Parks and Recreation by 14.06 points. The coveted "Dying/Unsure of How to Program the Remote" demo remained The Eye's once again.


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  • Tyler 01.31.12 @ 12:49pm

    The thing is, I’d watch a typical uninspired sitcom as long as it had people like Brian and Maria in it.

  • Thor-axe 01.30.12 @ 7:53pm

    The great thing out this is all you gotta do is switch around some costumes and jargon and it can hit any demographic needed!

  • Matthew Perry 01.30.12 @ 11:31am


    More MLW please.

    Anyway, I walked past my family one night while they were all sitting down watching26 TV. They were watching26 that new Tim Allen travesty, but they weren’t laughing or reacting. They were just sitting there, hypnotized by the horrible corporate shit that they willing allowed to be paraded before them. It was at that moment that I knew I was staring the devil in the eyes.

    Fuck television.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 01.30.12 @ 7:23am

    I need to find a way to work in “YOU DON’T SCREW ME ENOUGH!” into a conversation.

    /Drunk Dialing FTW

  • Cloven 01.30.12 @ 6:14am

    Still funnier than “sh*t my dad says” with William Shatner

  • whatever 01.30.12 @ 4:10am

    About as funny as what is on cbs.

  • Mr Monday 01.30.12 @ 3:56am

    A serious case of WTF?

    Man Solo: Just don’t ask her to make you Tiramisu.

  • Man Solo 01.30.12 @ 3:06am

    What a babe.
    The girl’s cute, too.

  • Matchstickman 01.30.12 @ 2:52am

    I’m…. not really sure what I watched there.
    Not even the laughter track seemed sure

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