Mount Tinder

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 Original Prompt:             Scene 1: Supernatural Dating Website Kelsey As Aphrodite on computer – picture of her Centaur (Rousselet) to the left and she’s typed into a dialog box Centaur: Tonight at XXX Bar and Grill at 8 PM -------- Aphrodite: I cant wait to see you. * Clicks Send * Scene 2: Shot 1: Rousselet at table Eyes all excited at seeing Aphrodite. Mouths WOW Shot 2: Aphrodite sees the Centaur all excited… and then her face drops to realizing it’s like every other date who doesn’t look like their fotos Shot 3: We see Rousselet is not a Centaur, but… he’s a SHEEPATAUR * A Sheepataur is a #ManBeast that finds the human part at the rear of the sheep and a live/living sheep head at the front Shot 4: Close up of the sheep face: Sheep says: Baaaahhhhh Shot 5: Kelsey Slaps Rousselet and screams “You said you were a fucking Centaur” Shot 6: Rousselet: Gruntingly, head shaking “Yeh wellllll….”


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