My Grunge Band’s Playing at a Coffee Shop

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Worse still, his 'zine was getting too expensive to photocopy. He could've let more people know via beeper, but he spent all his money on Doc Martens.


  • bbctol 03.21.12 @ 3:12pm

    Fortunately, the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.

  • Bob Dole 03.19.12 @ 6:33pm

    90s brian gets me so hot and bothered.

  • Man Solo 03.19.12 @ 3:02am

  • Bok 03.18.12 @ 6:25pm

    I just love how everybody but Brian is just looking at phones.

  • HawnSolo 03.18.12 @ 1:20pm

    Awesome use of the zolly shot.

  • mrhelpful 03.17.12 @ 10:14pm

    If anyone is wondering, the effect at the end is called a Dolly Zoom.

  • Man Solo 03.17.12 @ 2:51pm

    BRIAN sings it.

  • tron28 03.17.12 @ 9:32am

    @Mr Fist
    or ends?...

  • Mr Fist 03.17.12 @ 9:11am

    And so it began…

  • ibs2pid 03.17.12 @ 12:44am

    Any time miss piggy sings that song, it is a good day.

  • booker 03.16.12 @ 10:58pm

    i still think 90s bryan should have had a hair part down the middle

  • Jeremy 03.16.12 @ 9:47pm

    Brians’ young innocent pride is perfect in this.

  • Cloven 03.16.12 @ 5:24pm

    Now let’s all watch some Friends and Dawsons Creek while listening to…ummm…Smashmouth?

  • Tiako 03.16.12 @ 12:21pm

    My wish came true! This is the best moment of my life!

  • Matchstickman 03.16.12 @ 10:51am

    So are we going to get 90 sequels?

  • TCook 03.16.12 @ 10:34am

    Oh god yes it’s back

  • padurn 03.16.12 @ 8:11am

    The 90’s built my hotrod.

  • Here's the thing,... 03.16.12 @ 6:45am

    Nice Spielberg contra-zoom.

  • carlbear 03.16.12 @ 6:17am

    Which one of you guys did the vocals “I don’t wanna wait”? That was the best part.

  • Jeremy 03.16.12 @ 5:18am

    I was listening to grunge bands in coffee shops way back when all of you were young whippersnappers…..whatever the fuck that means.

  • Crindy 03.16.12 @ 3:45am

    90s Brian strikes again

  • Justin Case 03.16.12 @ 3:37am

    Before it had loaded I was so very hoping to see the title envisioned.

  • Mels Bells 03.16.12 @ 2:21am

    I wonder what 80s Brian is like…

  • Man Solo 03.16.12 @ 12:50am

    Once again, another masterpiece to live the weekend. Thank you so very much.

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