My Roommate Quit The Band

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It went on like this for measures and measures, until one day, something about Paul's snotty, bossy pre-chorus just made Alec snap and get the knife...and then clean it with soapy water. Hey-o! Betcha thought that was gonna be about murder, huh? Nope! Alec just committed suicide right after, that's all.


  • llceczc 11.30.16 @ 8:30pm

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  • Gunu 07.05.12 @ 2:31am

    what can i say other then breathtaking Kim, as usual. These two anegls are just lite up with such emotion, they look angelic. I can see the connection they share, so very sweet. My fav is the crib in the field, just so beautiful love every bit of your work and love you!! God bless these 2 darling girls!

  • That guy in the comments 05.26.12 @ 5:16am

    My roommate happens to be a dishwasher at the restruant we work at. I couldn’t stop singing this when i saw him. You all need to make this a full song so we have something to sing when it gets slow.

  • kingofchico 05.26.12 @ 2:32am

    haha YA FUCK!

  • Jason 05.24.12 @ 4:37pm

    I bet this actually happened…minus the apron + a shirt

  • The Press 05.24.12 @ 3:45pm

    Try singing that with a dish washer in hand.

  • tron 05.24.12 @ 12:35pm

    hahah, we used to do this all the time at work

  • Evan 05.24.12 @ 11:34am

    This gets 5 stars because of the Terriers poster in the background. Great show, I really miss it.

  • posterboy 05.24.12 @ 10:09am

    paul would be a good jack black.

  • Rick 05.24.12 @ 9:48am

    He wasn’t annoyed by Paul’s singing, he was looking at bluebirds on Wikipedia and closed the door to prevent Paul from killing him.

  • padurn 05.24.12 @ 8:54am

    Never wash dishes or make hash browns naked.

  • Gustafson 05.24.12 @ 6:14am

    I see a Terriers poster in the background! Best show ever

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 05.24.12 @ 5:58am

    I bet this is a King Diamond tribute band—the next lines were growled, “BEFORE YOU GO TO HELL”

    /I give this video 666 castrated Choir Boys

  • Mels Bells 05.24.12 @ 3:51am

    Actually, I think the band quit HIM…

  • drk 05.24.12 @ 1:40am

    what was the band’s name?
    Paul and the Eunuchs?

  • BrainDramage 05.24.12 @ 1:18am

    i heard the guy in the apron has sex with melons…

  • fallendante 05.24.12 @ 12:45am

    So, if i search for this on itunes would the title be
    “You better clean your dishes , you fuck” ?

  • Man Solo 05.24.12 @ 12:43am

    The only acceptable band with that tone, would have to be a 70’s hair metal cover band.

    No exceptions. I’m looking at you, Paul.

  • kalvynevans 05.24.12 @ 12:29am

    I want to hear the next line.

  • ibs2pid 05.24.12 @ 12:02am

    Holy fucking shit I just woke my wife up laughing!!!

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