Never Gonna Drink Again

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He's a great party wingman until your liquor starts to taste like water. Then he becomes something else entirely.


  • uyxtel 11.30.16 @ 7:00pm

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  • Overly Enthusiastic Nerd 05.17.13 @ 9:04pm

    @Karlo Goodjob, you managed to observe that Brian Firenzi, who is a part of 5sf, also is one of the people who is a part of VGHS.

  • Karlo 12.05.12 @ 2:35am

    That’s The Law from VGHS, ahahhahah!

  • Kotsuso 11.18.12 @ 7:16pm

    Never be sober again.

  • Logan 11.16.12 @ 11:02am

    How many of these have to happen before the W.K. is regular cast?  Because he is so fucking wonderful.  The guy’s face is so expressive, he’s like a living god-damn cartoon.

  • Cloven 11.16.12 @ 7:22am

    Brian: I don’t think I like ponies
    Weird Al and Andrew W.K: Oh yes you do
    Brian: No! *lifting cup up to mouth*
    Al and Andrew: Yes!
    Brian Ye*hargleblargle* (drowning noises as he tips up cup and my little pony figurines pour out over his face)

  • the_nozzle_poots 11.15.12 @ 2:13pm

    I can’t believe I just typed “no where”.

  • the_nozzle_poots 11.15.12 @ 2:12pm

    This is no where near Sinko quality.

  • FishMan 11.14.12 @ 3:17pm

    Reminds me allot of the Don’t Sinko into Destruction episode. Still, love the new take!

  • Its the last line 11.14.12 @ 1:08pm

    Every WK appearance is magical.

  • JSPN 11.14.12 @ 12:43pm

    All that’s missing is “Party Hard” and Andrew W.K. punching himself in the head repeatedly.

  • Wickman 11.14.12 @ 12:29pm

    Twin peaks in L.A, with a slightly more alcoholic “Bob”. The beers aren’t what they seem

  • Ryan P. 11.14.12 @ 12:20pm

    how the hell do you guys get Andrew W.K. so often for 5sf’s?

  • NotSoCuddly 11.14.12 @ 11:38am

    So, that’s what my alter ego looks like, huh?  Well, that’s a fun fact.

  • TheOnlyChuck 11.14.12 @ 11:36am


  • Brian 11.14.12 @ 11:22am

    Hey Andrew, what’s the history of Party Hard?

  • petsinwinter 11.14.12 @ 11:17am

    this is what happens after he gets some more candy

  • nutfog 11.14.12 @ 9:59am

    This can be heard over and over and over by playing the entirety of I Get Wet backwards at half speed. While drinking.

  • UnknownTBeast 11.14.12 @ 9:48am

    At least a few people remembered Cinco de Mayo.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 11.14.12 @ 8:49am

    There is a Dark Side and a Light Side to the Force….

    And now, Andrew WK has discovered the Party Side.

    /I give this video four Force Keg-stands and one Force-clothes-off-the-coed

  • Enabsflow 11.14.12 @ 6:09am

    I was really hoping C.K. was gonna say STFU!!!

  • padurn 11.14.12 @ 5:39am

    Thank you, Jesus.

  • Yoyo-dada 11.14.12 @ 3:59am

    I like to party hard with Mr. Andrew WK!

  • Dean 11.14.12 @ 1:13am

    There is no such thing as too much Andrew WK

  • Gary 11.14.12 @ 1:12am

    Okay. Too much Andrew WK

  • kalvynevans 11.14.12 @ 12:39am


  • Jonathan 11.14.12 @ 12:04am

    This is obviously what led to the great birthday vomit of 2010.

  • Jonathan 11.14.12 @ 12:03am


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