Never Switch a Switcher

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In fact, don't approach, cajole, molest, disturb or attempt to startle a switcher, either. The best course of action is probably to bow down to their netherworldly presence, but then again I say the same thing about redheads in general.


  • robertss 06.15.16 @ 11:49pm

    Each and every blazon of lenses serve altered purposes, as there are so abounding styles and designs accessible in the bazaar it can ambrosial boxy to aces the appropriate one.

  • Mike 02.06.13 @ 1:50pm

    Haha nice! Should have switched outfits as well.

  • TheDew 01.17.13 @ 3:06pm

    You just cant do it Brian….is basic physics…

  • Mercer 10.27.12 @ 9:08pm

    I love how at the end Brian freaks out like “Unclean! Unclean!”

  • rowas 11.26.11 @ 9:48pm

    I don’t know… I was a little disturbed by….. turkey…...... dinner….

  • So can we fuck a fucker? 12.24.10 @ 10:37am

    the code for me is change13 creepy shit dude

  • wererat2000 09.27.10 @ 3:22am

    i’d coment on this, but he switched bodies with me and i want to get it back.

    (oddly enough, the code for this is “progress26’’ shame i wont make any)

  • GW Crawford 08.13.10 @ 9:35am

    I posted a comment about this one but it got switched to another 5sf!

  • AJ 08.12.10 @ 11:01am

    my favorite of all time!!!

  • NoobSauce 08.09.10 @ 4:47pm

    This is by far my favorite 5sf.  Also, the reaction.  Epic.

  • out of my mind 07.24.10 @ 8:36am

    This is still my favorite 5sf.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.19.10 @ 12:38pm

    The weirdest thing about this video is the fact that both cups are empty.

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 3:26am

    The cup switcher got pwned by the seat switcher. Woah.

  • Broccoli 06.09.10 @ 9:02am

    Why does he want to switch the cups if neither have anything in them? Or maybe Brian just likes blue…

  • Foenix 05.10.10 @ 8:05pm

    It took me like 8 times to notice that they actually switched places instead of just moving the camera

  • Unfire 04.08.10 @ 10:47am

    I bet he switched them into an indentical house too, just to REALLY mess with him.

  • righteous 03.28.10 @ 1:00pm

    lol. i liked the “fineprint” (probably just cause i’m a redhead)

  • HIM 03.22.10 @ 5:10am

    or gets attacked by hyperintenlegent shark people.

  • ME 03.08.10 @ 5:25am

    What’s going to suck is the fact that these spambots are going to force 5SF to lock comments after a day or two.  Thanks, “Reese”!  I hope your family dies in a fire.

  • Steven 01.03.10 @ 9:34pm

    Guys, all of that was done deliberately. The mark is sitting on the left with the white cup in front of him, the switcher is on the right in front of the cupboard with the blue cup in front of him. “Hey is that Elvis?” Now the mark is sitting on the right in front of the cupboard with the blue in front of him, and he switches the cups. It’s all quite hilarious.

  • jacob 12.30.09 @ 8:17pm

    what if theyre watching us and were in the computer

  • tania 12.10.09 @ 4:13am

    cool!!! :D

  • joffe 12.09.09 @ 12:42pm

    great idea, however they switch places before he switches the cups…

  • Domino 12.06.09 @ 10:05pm

    in soviet russia switcher switches switcher!.......O SHI-
    *world implodes*

  • Adam 11.15.09 @ 7:35pm

    The tone of voice with which that guy speaks has a chilling finality to it. As if he’s seen the end of all creation, and simply awaits it.

  • jawsh 09.27.09 @ 2:35pm

    he’s good!

  • Florin 08.27.09 @ 4:10pm

    hahhaha 30 seconds to get it :D

  • mike 07.30.09 @ 5:24am


  • mike 07.30.09 @ 5:23am

    this is probably on of my favs by them

  • GRAAAAA 05.30.09 @ 7:54am

    oh god it took me like 20 times before i noticed that they switched sides XD

  • lol 05.23.09 @ 11:45am

    the glass has switched even before he reaches for it lol

  • fkl 05.13.09 @ 10:03pm

    Guy tries to switch the cups, but finds he has switched places on the table.

  • Mechafox 05.01.09 @ 8:16pm

    The camera didn’t rotate. Everything else was switched.

  • William 03.16.09 @ 7:52pm

    Very nice, although I’d advise you not rotate the camera 180 degrees like that next time.  It’s confusing.

  • Michael 02.25.09 @ 7:50am

    Absolutely brilliant

  • Sahil 02.14.09 @ 8:50pm


  • jason 02.01.09 @ 8:44pm


  • Ms. ERROR 01.26.09 @ 3:51am

    I…don’t get it. o.o

  • moog 01.21.09 @ 6:44am

    Same thing happened to me during sex! ...I don’t want to talk about it…

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