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Why, might you ask, was his friend standing there watching him take a shit? If you don't know the answer to this question, you've A) never lived in the city of Detonation, Minnesota, or B) you haven't yet watched the end of this 5sf.


  • lzcbgljyokv 12.02.16 @ 5:54am

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  • true religion jeans 04.24.11 @ 6:00pm

    404 What you talk about is smart, but I still get reservations on this issue

  • Lavunte 10.28.10 @ 2:51pm

    wow…tht is the most obvious but tricky way to assasinate…clean N seblime…lmao

  • SputNik 10.14.10 @ 1:19am

    Kev just became my hero for this page because he said ‘pith helmet’ which incidentally is what i have worn all day today

  • kev 10.12.10 @ 3:21pm


  • kev 10.12.10 @ 3:20pm

    looks like he *puts on pith helmet* should’ve skipped the chili.

  • CIA 10.12.10 @ 10:29am

    Never. Under.

  • . 10.07.10 @ 11:07am

    new cameras.  looks good guys.

  • Mister Charles 10.07.10 @ 5:19am

    Toilet paper doesn’t explode.

  • For the hell of it 10.06.10 @ 10:04pm

    It’s going to take months36 to clean that up

  • ts 10.06.10 @ 7:47pm

    Haven’t seen John S. in one since “Towels”.  Guess he’s been working on his art66 d’plastique.

  • SputNik 10.06.10 @ 7:24pm

    fantastic! hate it when that happens…

    and i love his sneaky face as he walks away

  • YES 10.06.10 @ 6:49pm


  • bob 10.06.10 @ 6:06pm

    you might say he *puts on sunglasses* likes men

  • nerd 10.06.10 @ 5:47pm

    Looks like a case of *Puts On Sunglasses* explosive diarrhea

  • Sheree 10.06.10 @ 4:11pm

    Actually, now that I have read through all the comments, now I am really laughing.

  • Sheree 10.06.10 @ 4:10pm

    Okay, I had to watch this one twice before it made me laugh. First, the guy is pooing through his shorts, and second, it’s the look on the friend’s face as he walks away knowing he has just ruined his friend’s daily dump.

  • ThatGuy 10.06.10 @ 11:06am

    I think the bigger fail in this 5sf is that the friend is taking a poo with his boxers still on ... fail.

  • Val 10.06.10 @ 10:15am

    @ Erilique. I agree completely. This will teach that lot39 of freaks not to go under.

  • failed punchline 10.06.10 @ 10:05am

    He looks hot36 in those boxer shorts.

  • vigorous anal sex 10.06.10 @ 6:42am

    What was that trickling noise?
    Who the hell only uses one square to wipe?
    Why are you not stomping Private Pyle’s guts out?

  • boxers 10.06.10 @ 6:30am

    there’s nothing84 like taking a shit with my boxers on

  • ME 10.06.10 @ 5:41am

    His Ass asplode!

  • Whoya 10.06.10 @ 5:33am

    Wow, that could be the nicest pool-side bathroom ever.

  • Odd 10.06.10 @ 5:20am

    Ew! He’s just shat his pants!

  • Erilique 10.06.10 @ 4:16am


    “Under” people are freaks. They deserved to be asploded.

  • robert 10.06.10 @ 4:15am

    the ending of robodog spliced onto this one would make it double hillarious

  • Enabsflow 10.06.10 @ 2:09am

    You guys sure know shitty ways to get back at your best friends.

  • Hibou 10.06.10 @ 1:41am

    I was sitting on the toilet while watching this.

  • wererat2000 10.06.10 @ 12:41am

    looks like that *puts on halo* was a blast

  • Random Person who is Random because he is Random b 10.06.10 @ 12:08am

    Are you REALLY sure you want that,,,,,?

  • JoeSchmoe 10.05.10 @ 11:56pm

    Hot going in *puts on angel wings* and hot coming out. HEAVENLYYYYYY CHORUSSSSSSS

  • Kleiner 10.05.10 @ 11:44pm

    Wait… he was wearing boxers…
    I want a pair of boxers with a hole in the back.

  • First time at first 10.05.10 @ 11:39pm

    that case of diarrhea sure was….explosive.

  • Johnson 10.05.10 @ 11:39pm

    2 ply. He got a great deal27.

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