New Restaurant, Old Couple

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They base their whole schedule around when new, oddly named restaurants are opening, and when they're busy screwing each other's friends and relatives. It's their favorite activity to do together/decidedly not together.


  • bigsoph 11.27.12 @ 5:15am

    i like his “cool, he needed to get laid” expression

  • kalvynevans 11.24.12 @ 4:18am

    “That new mexican place, oh, what the fuck is it called?” has the best fish tacos ever.

  • badassbeaniekid 11.24.12 @ 3:00am

    wow! these comments are way better than youtube…more these omments.

  • Jonathan 11.23.12 @ 4:55pm

    I used to like Just Not Chinese Again, but then they got cited by the Health Department.

  • Cherub Cow 11.23.12 @ 3:30pm

    oo, Spitfire tee!

    I prefer “I don’t care, just pick something;” it’s on the corner of Santa Monica and Pacific Ocean

  • kalvynevans 11.23.12 @ 6:34am

    A perfect sight gag, pulled off in three seconds!
    Two seconds to go, what do we do?
    “I slept with your brother.”
    *Bemused expression*


  • blackle 11.23.12 @ 5:53am

    how did you guys get Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Scottie Pilgrim 11.23.12 @ 2:20am


    my secred documentary crew since 2009.

  • Andy 11.23.12 @ 1:26am

    I endorse the use of rimshot!

    ...this one time.

  • harshmellowz 11.23.12 @ 12:20am

    eh eh gold. Again!

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