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Cynthia Onethat Gotaway passed away October 20th, 2009, from complications involving being incredibly beautiful, kind-hearted and unattainable. She was surrounded by her loved ones, including her two charming children and her loving, devoted, 6'4" firefighter husband, who will be sending around calendars of himself posing shirtless per her wishes. Cynthia led a life of love, laughter and complete satisfaction, and she moved on quietly with, in her final words, "absolutely no regrets, at all, not even in the slightest." Proceeds from her dynamite hubby's calendar will go toward a charity started up in her name, the Cynthia Gotaway Charity for Being Incredibly Beautiful, Kind-Hearted and Unattainable. Stay tuned for Halloween week!


  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 9:36am


  • Rahul 04.14.12 @ 2:52am

    I was a little bit aneoynd when they split it into, but if youthink about it, it means you get to see more of whats in the book, which by the way is amazing, have you read all of them, if you havent you should!!!:)x

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  • LawnmowerJuan 04.16.10 @ 3:01pm

    October 20th 2009? The corpse is still too fresh.

  • wererat200 03.24.10 @ 11:07pm


  • Danny 01.17.10 @ 10:59am

    Thanks for the Shostakovich!

  • Well, I'm b8 11.05.09 @ 5:53pm

    I love how the caption below the vids take longer then the actual vid. XD

  • R.A.I.U. 10.25.09 @ 10:58pm

    heh, necrophilia, something not made fun of enough

  • Jeff 10.23.09 @ 5:20pm

    Good for him.

  • vyxor 10.23.09 @ 2:22pm

    aaah shostakovich string quartet 8 movement 2!!!! more of this!!!!!!!!

  • zambo. 10.23.09 @ 11:06am

    @jubbs, I believe you mean “The Early Worley bird gets the Late Wiggleworm.”

  • cpkelly 10.23.09 @ 10:11am

    Ha. And reading the text blurb first really twisted in. I was expecting a firefighter gag…

  • moog 10.23.09 @ 9:07am

    Ah! How disturbing!!! Wine industry battling tax plan!!!!! oh, and that guy is a necrophiliac….  but either way ::shudder::

  • jubbs 10.23.09 @ 8:39am

    @Lucky Cynic, I believe you mean “The Worley bird gets the Wiggleworm.”

  • the one and only... 10.23.09 @ 3:36am

    that certainly is a creepy smile!

    excellent work worley

  • Jim 10.23.09 @ 12:15am

    haha so much is amazing about this video, from the music to worley’s face at the end

  • Lucky Cynic 10.22.09 @ 11:31pm

    The early bird gets the early worm! :3

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