Old Cops Discover The Internet

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​Delighted by hilarious, extremely current memes, or "may-mays," as they referred to them, these two beat cops found their life's work reinvigorated. Every time they badger badgered someone dealing mushroom mushrooms, every time a perp took an arrow (bullet) to the knee, it felt like a shoop da whoop was happening inside their souls. Unfortunately, they both died when they starting doing the Yuma Yuma dance during a tense shootout with the Crips.


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  • Haha 08.27.14 @ 8:47am

    The girl is cute at 0:25

  • Pastor of Muppets 01.07.13 @ 6:41pm

    @buysignsonline2: Sorry, can’t bother reading your post, busy fucking your mom.

    /seriously spammer, kill yourself.

  • Cloven 01.07.13 @ 9:10am

    Not to be outdone, the even older private eyes discover the internet start making quips about the shover robot pushing them down the stairs, lobsters sticking to magnets, and all someones bases belonging to them.

  • Mystiquecon 01.06.13 @ 11:24am

    @ EuroRalle: *too. if you’re going to complain about a country and it’s date formats, speak it’s national language properly.

  • EuroRalle 01.06.13 @ 3:02am

    your date format is to american!

  • Horny4Life(Notwhatyouthink) 01.05.13 @ 11:27pm

    This could be a long sketch, I can see it now. Although that might be the alcohol talking. Probably the film and the alcohol creating a parallel dimension in my mind where old cops make horrible yet histarical puns about the internet.

  • TheOnlyChuck 01.05.13 @ 10:57pm

    If you don’t make a more ‘Old Cops Discover The Internet’ videos i’m going to shit in a box and send it too you. i’m going to shit. in a box. and mail it. to your fucking house. so many54 fucking times.

    *puts on sunglasses*

    deal with it B|

  • BonerPhil 01.05.13 @ 10:08pm


    That’s what happens when your blood-alcohol level reaches 9000

  • Cherub Cow 01.05.13 @ 2:32pm

    It’s a mustache!

  • Mystiquecon 01.04.13 @ 7:58pm

    Was this filmed in Chico? If so, why the hell is Officer Sminkle off duty!? Unless, of course, this was the training video…..

  • tron 01.04.13 @ 5:33pm

    You guys really are getting the most out of those mustaches.

  • Banana_Man 01.04.13 @ 4:39pm

    Anyone want to explain to me the fuck happened when the background turned pink all of a sudden?

  • Matthew 01.04.13 @ 3:11pm

    Looks like this comment…

    (puts on sunglasses)

    is also eight months old.


  • Paul B 01.04.13 @ 2:09pm

    “Unfortunately, they both died when they starting doing the Yuma Yuma dance during a tense shootout with the Crips.”


    otherwise, hilarious!

  • JoeAnglican 01.04.13 @ 1:29pm

    You guys must be SomethingAwful goons, based on the collected memes.

  • Hot Beef Injection 01.04.13 @ 11:14am

    Your memes are weak old man.

  • Hoard Jam Snot 01.04.13 @ 11:11am

    I laugh and laugh and then feel intense empathy for Kelsey and her black eye. When her voice cracks just as they leave… Gets me right there, in the heart.

    Damn sentimentality.

  • cereal killer 01.04.13 @ 6:37am

    I have to say this is on my top ten favorites list of all time, well done 5sf, well done.

  • Pastor of Muppets 01.04.13 @ 6:27am

    All your donuts are belong to us.

    /I give this video four free tasings
    //in the butthole

  • insert_funny 01.04.13 @ 4:13am

    Once again, the asshole who keeps tossing 8-bit sunglasses in people’s faces got away.

  • Billy Pilgrim 01.04.13 @ 2:28am

    It was probably for the best that they died before discovering Red Tube….

  • padurn 01.04.13 @ 2:09am

    Nothing can stop the honey badger when it’s hungry.

  • T-Bone Malone 01.04.13 @ 12:48am

    As long as there aren’t Lolcats, I can get by.

  • joshua 01.04.13 @ 12:42am

    Here comes a few hundred bad may-may comments.

  • kgunn 01.04.13 @ 12:12am

    its official…this is my new best thing!

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