One More Timeshare

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You'd love the mahogany floors. They're about the same color as your face right now.


  • wnhvfsy 12.03.16 @ 4:01am

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  • TheDew 01.19.13 @ 8:05am

    One more video….

  • obala 12.05.10 @ 9:51am

    south park did it!!

  • Ryan 07.12.10 @ 8:59pm

    kind of late but omg
    that was amazing

  • moog 02.08.10 @ 4:19pm

    Aw… so few comments for such a good 5sf

  • K.K. Ph.D 04.17.09 @ 5:50pm


  • tricky pete 04.08.09 @ 8:01am

    I’ve been to those timeshare meetings… they reel you in with punch and pie, next thing you know you have whip marks on your back and 2 weeks in a cabin you never go to… buncha crooks!

  • ??? 04.08.09 @ 6:03am

    This happens far too often…

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