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IMDb > My Girlfriend, the Hobo (1986) > Plot summary When a high-powered real estate agent (Barry Bostwick) finds himself accused of scandal and penniless as a result, divorced and his house repossessed, he has no choice but to spend one day in a bread line while he and his increasingly agitated lawyer (Gilbert Gottfried) fight to clear his name. While there, Bostwick chews out a beautiful homeless girl (Kristy Swanson) for asking him if he wanted to pet her hairless cat. However, they soon strike an unpredictable friendship, and when Bostwick finds himself back in the lap of luxury, he can't get Swanson out of his head. But being in the public eye after the scandal, can he afford to be seen with a girl who does yoga in the dumpster? Featuring a soundtrack by The Tubes. submitted by


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