Osama Bin Laden’s Final Video

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It was when they answered the door as "Pizza Hut" that he knew something was awry. Only Domino's had the sweet pizza-tracker app that let you know just how soon you'd get your piping-hot pie. Besides, there wasn't a Hut for miles in Pakistan. But as he dove for his AK, the door burst open and he realized it was too late - so instead, he celebrated his last moments on Earth with a hearty gulp of Mountain Dew Code Red.


  • Korey McMaster 11.02.12 @ 10:20am

    This gets me every time. The look on his face is priceless at the end

  • airman 06.19.12 @ 2:10am

    holy s*** he looks just like fluffee @ youtube :S!!

  • Max 05.30.12 @ 9:57am

    The ad for Domino’s next to the video is the icing on the cake.

  • Robert 03.07.12 @ 4:03am

    URA, apparently, your otpalp is an older model. You have to open it up and remove the RTC battery. For instructions, try to find the service manual for the nc6000.

  • Super Super 11.05.11 @ 11:53am

    The best one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trem niclay 05.12.11 @ 4:40pm

    ...when you noticed only one set of footprints in the spam, it was then that I carried84 you.

  • paul 05.08.11 @ 8:29pm

    that is so funny hahahaha

  • drpepperPhD 05.05.11 @ 8:01pm

    Somehow this makes Bin Laden seem adorable. Especially with the face at the end

  • mexA 05.03.11 @ 8:13pm

    Should have been called “Osama’s Last Supper.”

  • Bindouchebag 05.03.11 @ 7:18pm

    So THATS what happened.

    The SEALs enjoyed a good meal of pizza and coke i presume?

  • Bob 05.03.11 @ 6:23pm


  • Mert-K 05.03.11 @ 10:13am

    Ted, your doing it wrong. Like A BROSS.
    (I know what ya ment there, but its 5SF here!)

  • ted 05.03.11 @ 8:42am

    I am now picturing bin laden getting shot while shotgunning a mountain dew LIKE A BOSS

  • TAGER! 05.02.11 @ 10:25pm

    Looks like specops know how to approach88 that situation.

  • Matthew Perry 05.02.11 @ 7:50pm

    To reach Osama’s estate in the rocky mountainous region of Pakistan, the delivery boys always had to use Range42 Rovers. He failed to notice that this time they arrived in a Hummer.

  • Uncle Sam 05.02.11 @ 7:01pm

    yins are inspiring that you whipped this up right after the good news

  • Demonym 05.02.11 @ 3:38pm

    @UnknownTBeast you fncking win

  • SputNik 05.02.11 @ 2:14pm

    Briliant. See, this is how peole should celebrate the end of a conflict. Tehe, laughs are the best.

  • tiny 05.02.11 @ 11:05am

    The pizza of death. Smear pizza sauce above your doorway and protect your pepperoni firstborn.

  • Petter 05.02.11 @ 9:11am

    That was fast. Was it you?

  • UnkownTBeast 05.02.11 @ 8:52am

    Too bad they had to destroy one of their delivery vehicles.

  • Max 05.02.11 @ 8:04am

    A perfect video.

  • Mr Tizl 05.02.11 @ 6:57am

    This PROVES Apple is tracking its iPhone users! raspberry

  • YES 05.02.11 @ 6:38am

    Everyone knows this was cause by the Royal Wedding.

  • Karl 05.02.11 @ 1:07am

    this is why I love 5sf

  • PsycoMonkey42 05.02.11 @ 1:00am

    I really like his face… all happy and whatnot “They’re here :D!”

  • techwitch 05.02.11 @ 12:48am

    Looks like he *puts on sunglasses* got his final meal.


  • IKR 05.02.11 @ 12:48am

    ^ you can say that again.

  • Lyle Chipperson 05.02.11 @ 12:32am

    That was quick.

  • Dubya 05.02.11 @ 12:29am


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