Overworked, Underpaid

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She's just a big sunshiny ball of rainbows and orderliness, right when you walk in the door. The coffee is strong but sweet and the copier only gets busted on Mondays. She's even great at keeping renegade perverts outside. And all she asks for is a little goosing every now and then to lift her spirits. Great hire.


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  • heavy weapons guy 03.03.12 @ 7:12pm

    I very much like the girl and her intent to murder. it remind me of mama back in mother land.

  • Man Solo 02.10.12 @ 1:25pm

    UGH. SO HOT.

  • Derek Smith 01.18.12 @ 4:01am

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  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:23pm

    And Annie Wilkes was born.

  • Brad 10.19.11 @ 6:21pm


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  • Billybob 08.04.11 @ 6:11pm

    so bloody tired of all these stupid advertisement spammers.

  • BigSoph 06.17.11 @ 9:00am

    Wow, lots of spammer assholes here now. The sweetness of the thank you makes their presence here like having a big beautiful birthday cake and then having your grandmother drop trou and fart on it
    My captcha word was position62. What is that? 69 last week?

  • The4Seasons 10.07.10 @ 3:25pm

    Cleavage 8/10
    ‘Thank you!’ 10/10


  • Erik 09.21.10 @ 7:16am

    he looked down her shirt XD

  • Jay 09.04.10 @ 6:12pm

    And yet most people wouldnt care if he was. Man she is like really cute…...wonder what her email is…..

  • David Rivers 09.03.10 @ 10:21am

    Kinda looks like the dude is looking down her shirt as he compliments her work.

  • Jay 07.30.10 @ 10:01am

    thank you my friend. Its good to see someone else on this site has at least a little sense

  • Sheree Zielke 07.27.10 @ 7:13am

    Good one…very astute take on the pink ghetto.

  • Jay 06.18.10 @ 7:56am

    Shes hot…... dude its hard69….. duh

  • Ohgod 06.05.10 @ 10:42pm

    Nearly see-through bra? hard63

  • DrakeMagnum 04.14.10 @ 1:11am

    Good work Kelsie.  You didn’t know you had a second job did you?

  • Nomis 03.21.10 @ 6:19pm

    Lol are you holding a gun? upside down no less XD

  • ÑanduTrip 02.27.10 @ 6:22pm

    Oh yes keep taking deep breaths uhh oh yes

  • MineTruly 02.12.10 @ 10:36am


    ... I actually feel the same way. I’ll feel slighted, and be plotting my hideous revenge and fantasizing about a serial killing hut filled with torture devices, but then the person will apologize or compliment me, and I’m all sunshine and they’re my favorite person in the world!!!

  • Some other dude 02.10.10 @ 10:22pm

    She’s definitely a cutie.  The insta-smile and “thank you!” is hilarious.  I sincerely hope she never reads some of these comments, or 5SF might lose some of its color some time.

  • SomeDude 02.10.10 @ 1:30pm

    That bra color looks good on you Kelsey.

  • OneRandomEncounter 02.10.10 @ 12:44pm

    Was that a gun?

  • Your Biological Father 02.09.10 @ 11:49am

    This is great, and another reminder of how incredibly gorgeous all of the 5SF women are.

  • Hich17 02.09.10 @ 5:50am

    Nice undershirt.

      Perverted-comments aside, this is hilarious.  Absolutely true.
      Nice stapler, Brian.

  • Matt 02.08.10 @ 7:00pm

    Sounds like me at my job…

  • Vurtax 02.08.10 @ 4:18pm

    Looks like she won’t be following up with her plans

  • ME 02.08.10 @ 1:28pm

    @Derek: might be a sneak peak at a future 5SF.  I’m guessing Dude-Bro Party Massacre 4: The Stapling.

  • Derek 02.08.10 @ 9:19am

    why is brian holding an open stapler so close to his face?

  • Rastamussen 02.08.10 @ 8:42am

    i would piss her off just to she that face she makes
    it would make my day until she murders me with a keyboard

  • Gamecube 02.08.10 @ 8:33am

    i always laugh when you guys use your real name…

  • Sara Sunshine 02.08.10 @ 7:01am

    Never piss off the secretary.  She can destroy your business from within. God help them if they forget to give her the praise.

  • Sarcastic Name 02.08.10 @ 6:45am

    So I assume she distributes the empty three ring binders?  Fantastic

  • Kushie 02.08.10 @ 6:22am

    Haha, that was funny. raspberry


  • ME 02.08.10 @ 4:24am

    Wow, she’s cuter when she’s evil.

  • rivera 02.08.10 @ 3:28am

    this always stops my revenge plans.

  • Morpheus 02.08.10 @ 12:05am

    Fuck, you beat me to the punch, Steve.

    That’s exactly what I was going to say. So I second it!

  • Steve Ditko 02.07.10 @ 11:30pm

    Story of my life.

  • TDN 02.07.10 @ 11:02pm

    Revenge FIRST, glowing with happiness at being praised later.

    Those things aren’t mutually exclusive, right?

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