Paul Was In The C.I.A.

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Right now, as this 5-second film unspools on home computers across America, 36 dormant agents just uncontrollably dismantled their cats.


  • EC 05.01.12 @ 9:10am

    anybody else notice the creepy shoulder touch at the end?

  • White Rabbit 04.07.12 @ 7:38pm

    Under the codename “Paulie.P”

  • BigSoph 03.21.12 @ 7:40am

    Come to Canada…the CIA is not allowed to brainwash people here

    The CBC on the other hand….

  • Bob Dole 03.15.12 @ 2:27am

    I trust you will take this opportunity to remedy the situation, as Paul without pants is extremely important for the future of your operation.

    Bob Dole
    Bob Dole
    bob dole
    bob doo….l

  • Bob Dole 03.15.12 @ 2:26am

    I am once again displeased to see Paul and NOT see his posterior unclothed.

  • Root 03.13.12 @ 6:31am

    My cat! Oh God no my caaaaatttt!!!

  • User8421 03.08.12 @ 4:43pm

    Really? No one is going to make the reference?.....

    Ugh fine!

    He then proceeded to spew chunks all over the table and assemble his vomit by course of meal.

  • Fabric Man 03.08.12 @ 2:40pm

    @Gorlac: It might just be a replica or a blank-firing gun. They work just like a real 1911, but can’t shoot bullets. They’re exempt from most firearms laws, and they got really popular in the film industry after Brendan Lee died.

  • Sven Otis Scott McGillicuddy Tate Jr. 03.07.12 @ 3:35pm

    How would he have known the trigger word?

  • Gorlac 03.06.12 @ 5:02pm

    LOL, I was surprised when I saw that the 1911 wasn’t a prop.

    I was further surprised when I came to the realization that someone in 5sf either owns a 1911,  or is friends with someone that owns a 1911.

    I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.

  • MaybeYou 03.06.12 @ 3:39pm


    Just think how fast he can remove YOUR pants.

  • Adrià 03.06.12 @ 3:32pm

    That would be an awesome pickup line…

    “Hey, have you ever meet Paul? He’s been in the CIA”

  • Matthew Perry 03.06.12 @ 11:31am

    This is an all-timer. Perfect and subtly brilliant. But is the implication that Jon Worley is a CIA honcho?


  • Strangelove 03.06.12 @ 8:37am

    Coming this Summer: The Paul Identity

  • padurn 03.06.12 @ 7:57am

    That’s not how you shoot a gun.

  • Andy 03.06.12 @ 6:25am

    All in one shot, this is impressive AND hysterical AND insightful! Sort of!

  • Kylogram 03.06.12 @ 3:59am


    It only took one take, Paul ACTUALLY WAS in the CIA. He can do the same thing with most guns.

    The legend of Paul continues.

  • Jess 03.06.12 @ 3:25am

    Well, 36 cats is a small price for such a good joke.

    Also, how many takes did it… Er, take to get the gun to disassemble that well?

  • Rotorwashed 03.06.12 @ 1:28am

    nice 1911 btw

  • Rotorwashed 03.06.12 @ 1:26am

    just think how fast he can remove his pants

  • Crindy 03.06.12 @ 12:41am

    The pantsless division of the CIA, no doubt

  • Mr Tuesday 03.06.12 @ 12:18am

    It’s only Tuesday, but we already have this week’s winner 5sf!

  • Man Solo 03.06.12 @ 12:08am

    Fucking. YES.

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