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The cockroach then held Rousselet's prized beer collection at knifepoint, and quizzed him on whether the transformation was an example of dramatic irony. Rousselet was led astray by thinking too much about Kafka's "Metamorphosis," and his answer was insufficiently cryptic.


  • Michel 03.07.12 @ 11:42am

    jim, there probably isn’t a cmos kill wtisch anymore. nowadays, the passwords along with the bios settings are stored in a flashrom section called ‘nvram’. this code protection is probably anything but strong, I just haven’t got the time to get around to that.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 08.18.10 @ 1:41pm

    It’s not dramatic irony, it’s situational irony.

  • MZ 05.31.10 @ 5:54am

    Good music theme from Cinco de Mayo!

  • Alex 05.30.10 @ 8:30am

    Hmm… well, in the case of dramatic irony, it would only be so if others watching for their entertainment KNEW at the very start of the film that what Rousselet was holding was in fact, giganto spray. This is situational irony, as the spray intended to kill the roach, had the effect of making it larger and more powerful.

  • magillicuddy 05.25.10 @ 4:02am

    very cute, wish I could do that with my cat

  • BLDKIS 05.20.10 @ 3:58pm

    LOL I like the literary reference at the bottom most of all.

  • Exmilcripple 05.19.10 @ 8:35pm

    HAHAHA thats almost as funny as the ad for terminex pest control at the top near the browser.

  • twenty-five 05.19.10 @ 6:58pm

    Looks like he *puts on sunglasses* bit the big one. YYYEEEEAAAAHHH!

  • SMASA 05.19.10 @ 6:05pm

    Kudos for using La Cucaracha music! it was nicely done

  • OneRandomEncounter 05.19.10 @ 3:07pm

    Is that Gregor Samsa?

  • IcarusReloaded 05.19.10 @ 2:54pm

    That is weird, love that band but never even noticed.

  • cool guys dont look at explosions 05.19.10 @ 12:41pm

    wow she is in that icarusreloaded

  • Vurtax 05.19.10 @ 11:46am

    Oh god the nuclear war hasn’t even happened yet NOOOOOOO!!!!!
    (Couple69) lol

  • IcarusReloaded 05.19.10 @ 11:40am
    dude i swear olivia is in this

  • SumRanDumGuy 05.19.10 @ 11:32am

    *Sprays Giganto Spray*
    *Looks at can*

  • obscurerreference 05.19.10 @ 8:27am

    That’s why I don’t keep the Giganto spray next to the Raid…. And keep a shotgun handy. No one is going to mess with my beer collection.

  • dirty kitchen 05.19.10 @ 6:48am

    How come there’s a cookie sheet with a cheese slicer melted to it in the background?!?!?!

  • Art 05.19.10 @ 6:39am

    Bet it wouldn’t have slapped him if that spray was filled with Fruit slam.

  • Your Biological Father 05.19.10 @ 6:17am

    Seeing Rousselet get bitchslapped by a giant cockroach - best birthday present ever.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 05.19.10 @ 6:10am


  • Tori 05.19.10 @ 4:00am

    to use it on cockroaches of course

  • Jeremiah Thomas 05.19.10 @ 3:45am

    whats the point of having that spray when it says “do not use on cockroaches”?

  • Jeremiah Thomas 05.19.10 @ 3:44am

    whats the point of having that spray when it says “do not use”?

  • ME 05.19.10 @ 3:15am

    Wait for it… Wait for it…


  • Jack 05.19.10 @ 3:02am

    You know, for a product marked “do not use on cockroaches,” they sure made an odd choice of creatures to feature on the label

  • LeadKnife 05.19.10 @ 2:26am


  • Dude Huge 05.19.10 @ 1:13am

    I sprayed that on my penis once.  It was like a balloon; cool at first, but ended in tragedy.

  • notgay 05.19.10 @ 1:00am

    Someones been watching MIB. Make a Rousselet suit.

  • ALF 05.19.10 @ 12:45am

    Would you like a nice cup of boric acid?

  • Gregor Samsa 05.18.10 @ 11:12pm

    Hate it when that happens

  • Johnny Utah 05.18.10 @ 11:08pm

    elements91… peace out!

  • Jumbo 05.18.10 @ 11:02pm

    Description kinda gave it out.

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