Piece for Peace

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Flower Power meets Fire Power. No buzz will be left un-harshed. Featuring Peter Stormare!


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  • Coombs 06.13.11 @ 8:57am

    That’s funny.. Children of Men did this first.

  • Leo123 05.30.11 @ 1:15am

    main app say milna chahta hoon laikn app ki tarfs ay

  • John Couper 10.03.10 @ 10:46pm

    “I believe that hippie’s pot…..”
    “...was out of luck.”


  • Keanu Reeves 09.22.10 @ 4:51am

    Looks like these anti-sunglasses comments…
    *Puts on sunglasses*
    Should be referred to the Department of Redundancy Department.

  • Poont 09.19.10 @ 9:16am

    HOLY FFFF Peter Stormare! How’d you got him to be in your videos?!

  • Derf 09.16.10 @ 6:15am

    Why isn’t Peter Stormare well-known? I mean if you ask the average person, they don’t know who he is. But he’s always awesome in his movie roles! Ever seen “Spun”??

  • Linus 08.22.10 @ 9:25am

    Haha Peter Stormare är fan bäst:P

  • john 07.30.10 @ 4:56am

    It’s John abruzzi from Prison Break.

  • J-Dawg 07.26.10 @ 8:21am

    Looks like these comments
    *Puts on sunglasses*
    Are not funny.

  • Zarim 07.23.10 @ 10:25am

    Soon after, he began to believe in NAWSSING.

  • jgabor 07.21.10 @ 10:15am

    Haha, fan vad coolt att ni fick med Peter Stormare på det här… Kan ni inte berätta hur i helvete det gick till?!

    Hälsningar från Sverige!

  • dev 07.15.10 @ 3:33pm

    how…thefuck…did you guys get Gaear Grimsrud

  • Brown 07.15.10 @ 11:17am

    Further proof that Peter Stormare is the greatest living actor of our generation

  • nson 07.15.10 @ 4:51am

    Are you kidding me?! Peter fucking Stormare

  • hippie mippie skippe slippy clitty fity dicky mick 07.13.10 @ 7:01pm

    FLAW! hippies dont have money

  • Jim Jim 07.13.10 @ 6:00am

    Brad Pitt?!?

  • Erin 07.12.10 @ 4:28am

    Peter Stormare!  Nice!
    Love your videos, 5sf.  :]

  • Redphoenix 07.11.10 @ 7:37pm

    @ Guybrush…..“Peace, Man!” *puts on sunglasses* *get’s finger shot off now flipping you off* “Fuck you, man!”
    See you around78….. smile

  • Guybrush 07.11.10 @ 6:33pm

    Dude, why can’t these CSI comments be good?
    I don’t care if you do them, as long as they make sense and are good. These are just interrupting a stupid or inane statement with -puts on sunglasses-
    Do it right, faggots.

  • Thurman the sperman 07.11.10 @ 12:10pm

    Now you’ve got my attention.  btw Peter, hurry up and cash that check!!!

  • JB 07.11.10 @ 7:30am

    I just accidentally in my pants. Is this bad?


  • Sandwich 07.11.10 @ 7:26am

    Spectacular.  Absolutely spectacular.

  • Johnny Utah 07.11.10 @ 5:56am

    Stormare, wtf.

  • HOLY SHIT 07.10.10 @ 8:24pm


  • Buddie 07.10.10 @ 9:59am

    A swede on a 5SF! I am now more proud of my country than ever.

  • Earthbreaker 07.10.10 @ 4:07am

    How the fuck did you get Stormare?!

  • Nick 07.10.10 @ 1:21am

    Sick music supervision! Hot Milk! Classic Studio One! Respect!

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.09.10 @ 7:51pm

    So when you shoot of a Hippie’s index finger, he loses his powers of peace-making?

  • AnarchistGrandpa/FUCK TR 07.09.10 @ 7:47pm

    :O he’s using my baby! the Heckler and Koch P30!!!! Taste German Lead YOU FUCKIN HIPPIE!!!!

  • See? 07.09.10 @ 7:16pm

    Rage when the warlord doesn’t use his second power.

  • Rastamussen 07.09.10 @ 5:40pm

    really peter stormare? get Justin Long and then i’ll be impressed

  • onReload 07.09.10 @ 3:22pm

    wow…i love stormare, did he approach you guys or vice versa?

  • Marius K 07.09.10 @ 3:14pm

    Awesomest cameo evar!!

  • Dj 07.09.10 @ 8:22am

    Peter Stormare!!! F’ing awesome.

  • Redphoenix 07.09.10 @ 8:04am

    *jumps up and down like a groupie with glasses*  I lOVE YOU, JOHNNY UTAH!


  • Massengill 07.09.10 @ 7:50am

    Nice USP is that airsoft?

  • Your Biological Father 07.09.10 @ 7:36am

    Holy living fuck.  Peter Stormare.

  • Tori 07.09.10 @ 7:35am

    ill trade you all the sunglasses on this and any forum to know how the hell you got him and can you send him to my house ?

  • Jim 07.09.10 @ 6:53am

    holy shit, that’s actually Peter Stormare, isn’t it!? what??

  • Matchstickman 07.09.10 @ 3:36am

    Peter Stormare!
    Why is this not listed on his IMDB profile yet, would it take longer to add than it does to watch?

  • Bubba 07.09.10 @ 2:59am

    WTF?! Peter Stormare? hahaha how the hell did you guys get him?! Anyways! Awesome! Sweden Powwah!

  • Frackippy 07.09.10 @ 2:42am

    OMG He’s from Sweden raspberry

    Born in my Hometown ;D

  • moog 07.09.10 @ 2:14am

    Oh my God! It’s Peter Stormare!!!!!

  • Kushie 07.09.10 @ 12:13am

    ^ lol

  • Nihilist 07.08.10 @ 11:52pm

    That finger really tied the room together.

  • Hippie Representative 07.08.10 @ 11:37pm

    We’re smoking ~EVERYTHING~

  • Welp 07.08.10 @ 11:20pm

    What I want to know is, what was he smoking to not even FLINCH at getting his finger shot off.

  • For the love of god, and all that is holy... 07.08.10 @ 11:12pm

    stop using sunglasses jokes.
    and comic sans.

  • Swedish Dude 07.08.10 @ 11:11pm

    Ser ut så här kommentar *lägger på solglasögon* är på svenska. YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Johnny Utah 07.08.10 @ 11:10pm

    Looks like this guy *puts on sunglasses* just got his finger shot off! YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

  • I F***ing Hate All Caps 07.08.10 @ 11:08pm

    Looks like this guy *puts on sunglasses* is getting ready to steal some jokes! YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

  • ALL CAPS COMMENTER 07.08.10 @ 11:07pm


  • Commentty McCommenter 07.08.10 @ 11:05pm

    Looks like this guy *puts on sunglasses* is one groovy dude! YYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • Hey Johnny! 07.08.10 @ 11:03pm

    I’m doing great!

  • Bonnie Minnesota 07.08.10 @ 11:02pm

    Looks like this crime *puts on sunglasses* took place in public28! YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

  • Johnny Utah 07.08.10 @ 11:00pm

    Today I was sitting on a bench on the Highland street
    and this girl bends over to hug me, right?

    So I get up to be polite.
    She says “Oh… Alright, awkward hug”.
    This is awkward?
    Did I poke you with a hard-on that I wasn’t aware of what’s so awkward about trying to be polite?

    Anyways. Enough about me…
    How are my fans doing tonight?

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