Pitching a Tent

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All he can think of is how good her ex was at camping. Damn you, Mountain Jack!


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  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 9:59am

    I think he does….

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    Great little vid man!!

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  • Toast 07.14.10 @ 1:21pm

    @Earthbreaker, ever heard of the expression “pitching a tent”?

  • thedude 05.15.10 @ 1:06pm

    i find this movie entirely unbelievable. no man on earth would have trouble pitching a tent if they were in bed with kelsey.

  • OnlyTwice 03.29.10 @ 12:15pm


    You may not have known this, but “getting an erection” can also mean “swallowing a glass of soda too fast and hurting your throat because of the carbonation.” More commonly though, “getting an erection” means “punching a middle-aged transvestite in the face” or “robbing a bank.”

    How ironic, my code was growing93.

  • cronin_burger 03.26.10 @ 10:38am

    hahahaa.  Good ol’ mountain jack.  And yes, Gorlac would have made her climax three times by now.  8/10

  • Filo 02.16.10 @ 11:04pm

    This should be called - A pup tent affair.

  • MineTruly 01.22.10 @ 7:08pm

    For you kids in the slow class, “pitching a tent” can also mean “getting an erection.”

  • shamshowder 12.15.09 @ 3:08am

    i hate every woman in the world

  • Ben 12.10.09 @ 3:41am

    Umh, I didn’t get this…

  • Stevie-G 11.30.09 @ 5:38pm

    How the hell did he get with a girl as hot as her?

  • Earthbreaker 11.30.09 @ 7:01am

    Oooooh it’s innuendo…

    ...never heard the “pitching a tent” one before.

    More dinosaurs please

  • Woah 11.29.09 @ 7:49pm

    thought she had like a ragging boner…. just her knee I guess

  • Uninvited guest to a 4 year old's birthday party 11.28.09 @ 6:11pm

    lol Earthbreaker come back when you take health class.

  • jerkson 11.28.09 @ 10:39am

    Ahh… camping with the girlfriend. Always a fun experience.

  • double taylor 11.28.09 @ 8:46am

    yes, keep kelsey coming. ill volunteer for the job. mmmm.

  • taylor 11.28.09 @ 12:13am

    Kelsey was on Community??!?!?! And YES 5SF thank you for listing, and giving us more Kelsey, keep her coming- ehhh.

  • Fish 11.27.09 @ 9:12pm

    Also, Gorlac never had a problem.

  • Fish 11.27.09 @ 9:11pm

    I had trouble pitching a tent once, but that’s because it was really cold outside.

    On an unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to give Kelsey a shout out for her appearance on “Community” last week.  Nice job!

  • Joey 11.27.09 @ 6:16pm

    KELSEY IN HER BRA!?!?! Thank you 5SF for bringing me one step closer to my dreams!

  • Anonymous 11.27.09 @ 3:48pm

    LOLz x’s 2

  • Andrew P 11.27.09 @ 11:32am

    Haha i like how she is “pitching a tent” at the end

  • zambo. 11.27.09 @ 11:11am

    Haha. Mountain Jack.

  • Zicter 11.27.09 @ 9:41am

    Really, you can apply that to any situation they have.

  • Rastamussen 11.27.09 @ 9:00am

    haha he can’t pitch a tent
    score!...... or not

  • Snerg 11.27.09 @ 7:03am

    Poor Micheal. Women are evil. They just pick on you and dont even bother to help.

  • Earthbreaker 11.27.09 @ 6:56am

    I reeeeally don’t get this one…

  • the one and only... 11.27.09 @ 6:56am

    how did Mike get with Kelsey?

  • R.A.I.U. 11.26.09 @ 11:42pm

    lol, directions

  • The Black Knight 11.26.09 @ 11:12pm

    The Black Knight never needs directions!

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