Polar Express

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Just like Robert Zemeckis' delightful family film, you can watch this "Polar Express" in 3D as well. All of the marital strife, quiet desperation and sad frustration feels like it's coming right out of the screen at you! But no elf genitalia. The elf genitalia does not come out of the screen at you.


  • microgamer2vs2 12.25.12 @ 2:22pm

    David Spade Elf was in the middle of an epic boob grab.

  • NotSoCuddly 12.21.12 @ 12:03pm

    Santa: “Sure, but make room for one King, in coming!”

  • padurn 12.21.12 @ 10:24am

    Never ever sleep with a clone.

  • Man Solo 12.21.12 @ 9:38am

    Kelsey, will you marry me?

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 12.21.12 @ 5:09am

    Wait.  Mrs Claus was running a train?!

    /I change my review; I give this video number 1 on the Naughty List… With a bullet.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 12.21.12 @ 4:51am

    Santa’s wife is ho ho hot.


    /I give this video four cookies and a hot buttered elf down the chimney

  • Spoonlady 12.21.12 @ 2:32am


  • Spoonlady 12.21.12 @ 2:31am


  • kalvynevans 12.21.12 @ 1:19am

    Kinda hot…

  • kingofchico 12.21.12 @ 12:17am

    kinda hot…

  • fgdrgg 12.21.12 @ 12:02am


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