Police Intimidation

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Bringing a whole new meaning to the term "Private Dick in a Coat," which didn't exist until right now. So that means "Private Dick in a Coat" has one meaning only, which is "a dick meant to be kept private, stuffed inside a man's coat."


  • Trevor 02.20.12 @ 3:25pm

    I swear, Brian can say ‘‘Shit” better than anyone else in the world.

  • Serina 01.23.12 @ 11:22am

    “So we’ll take this dildo, the fake gun and the trenchcoat…  ...it’s for a movie scene… “

    Sure it is.

  • SputNik 01.14.12 @ 8:04pm

    Okay this is straight away a classic in my little black book.

    There could be more joke made about the black book, but I’m not feeling it today.

    “The tip’s still hot” is quite possibly the best line I have ever heard. Amazing

  • Kryslewin4 01.11.12 @ 8:04pm

    ..............nice, first explicit piece of content I see on here and its a dick. Cool -_____-

  • 5dollarfootlong 01.10.12 @ 8:29pm

    Seriously, after 700+ videos, you guys still have it. I don’t know how you keep managing to make me spit take at my desk at work, but keep at it!

  • Clara 01.10.12 @ 12:22pm

    Oh please oh please post outtakessss <3

  • zambo. 01.10.12 @ 9:54am


  • ibs2pid 01.10.12 @ 1:38am

    I am sitting here laughing out loud.

  • Resident of Chico 01.09.12 @ 6:28pm

    Typical behavior from Sminkle…

  • Roger 01.09.12 @ 4:08pm

    So… Whose dildo was that? Kelsey’s or Brians?

    (I’m betting Brian.)

  • Charlie_Wiseacre 01.09.12 @ 3:51pm

    I imagine this was NOT a one-take deal.

  • Jacknife 01.09.12 @ 2:32pm

    LOL if you watch Rouss, hes trying his best to hold back laughing hysterically.

  • Falicia 01.09.12 @ 2:03pm

    Master Bates: NSFW? How hypocritical for you to be a prude with a silly, dirty name like that.

    This was awesome. Loved the hesitation in the dick’s voice.

  • Master Bates 01.09.12 @ 12:38pm

    At least slap this video with a NSFW Tag. Fuck

  • Thor-axe 01.09.12 @ 11:47am

    At the end does Brian say ‘neither one’ or ‘either one’? This one is hilarious! Wait…..I hope that’s being used ONLY for prop purposes….

  • Jeremy 01.09.12 @ 10:02am

    I think you should release the outtakes on some of these vids.

  • Jeremy 01.09.12 @ 9:20am

    I love this one. Michael busting up at the end and brian on the verge of laughing make this one awesome. Oh and the dildo. Cant forget the dildo.

  • Rick 01.09.12 @ 8:21am

    Rousselet corpsing? SEND FOR THE MAN!

  • Yoyomom 01.09.12 @ 5:42am

    For fuck sake.

  • Cloven 01.09.12 @ 5:40am

    Hrmm let’s see how many dick/gun puns we can come up with:
    Careful, it’s got a hair trigger.
    You want some hot lead in you?

  • wait for it 01.09.12 @ 5:06am

    Looks like someone *puts on sunglasses* won’t be coming into work tomorrow. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  • Man Solo 01.09.12 @ 2:10am

    OH fuck. I’m crying. You can’t see it, but I’m applauding you.

  • padurn 01.09.12 @ 2:10am

    Cops are all the same.

  • drk 01.09.12 @ 12:46am

    good, good, there’s still hope for you…;]

  • Kalvyn Evans 01.09.12 @ 12:45am

    You can see Micheal start to crack up at the end.

  • Terrible Joke 01.09.12 @ 12:35am

    Looks like it shoots blanks.

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