Police Line

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Warning: Boobsticks is still at large and considered extremely dangerous. If you have encountered Boobsticks, and you didn't have a machete handy, then you are dead and we're sorry Boobsticks killed you instead of old age.


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  • dead.juice 02.13.13 @ 7:40am

    Wow, how did I know some MRAs would find this video.
    “Waah, males are victims!”
    Shut the fuck up you whiny bitch.

  • Zesty Teste 02.04.13 @ 5:03pm

    5sf needs more Sophia. This is not an opinion, this is fact.

  • A Non-Ymous 02.03.13 @ 8:52pm

    @Frigid Bardot Except he said “I’m a fan of non-Politically Correct content” so obviously that wasn’t the problem.

  • Frigid Bardot 02.03.13 @ 5:36pm

    Hey everyone, let’s laugh at Ben for thinking there’s any place in comedy for the bullshit concept of being politically correct!!


  • Matthew Perry 02.03.13 @ 10:40am

    PNG appearance #22.


  • iLuvzombies12 02.02.13 @ 5:58pm

    The cops lost track of the perp, They’re on her trail but details are a bit….sketchy

  • A Non-Ymous 02.02.13 @ 7:59am

    @Ben I’d say it was less parodying a more mocking those people, making them look like idiots. It’s fine to be sensitive about such topics but you also need to step back and realize “it’s just a joke, and not even one demeaning the actual topic.”

  • Cherub Cow 02.02.13 @ 5:26am

    Yeah, 5sf! Can’t you see you may offend people with your jokes?!

  • ccseries 02.01.13 @ 10:15pm

    Looks like Olivia got hungry again and went on the prowl.

  • BigSoph 02.01.13 @ 8:00pm

    James Ashby RULES!

  • Ben 02.01.13 @ 4:13pm

    I’m chill. The thing is it wasn’t much of a joke. It was a “bad police sketch” joke that lasted .5 seconds followed by 4 seconds of either pointless insensitivity or, more likely, a botched attempt at parodying people that do think male victims are “lucky”.
    I wouldn’t have commented had the point been good or the joke been funny. The whole thing just fell flat.

  • AverageJoe 02.01.13 @ 2:57pm

    Those aren’t breasts in the sketch, they’re actually discs that allow the rest of the limbs to operate. She’s a robot, which is why the rest of her was so stick-like.

    Robot rape… ow…

    /I give this video one good dousing of oil, if you catch my drift.

  • Mystiquecon 02.01.13 @ 2:47pm

    Oddly enough, I have nothing this week. I know, right? My usual “5sf male cast member bashing” just hit a wall.

  • Daniel 02.01.13 @ 1:28pm

    Is that Brad Pitt in the background?

  • TuttyFarts Mcgee 02.01.13 @ 12:18pm

    @Ben I glad you made us aware of the issue, and I sure you have reasons on why. But I bet you are old enough to tell you mom to stop. You could probably tell here in a letter or on a Facebook private message. What ever it is, everyone will help you get through it.

  • bobillho king of the sofa folk 02.01.13 @ 11:17am

    Isn’t this similar to the way some eastern European police caught someone?

  • superderp 02.01.13 @ 10:40am

    @Ben: Chill bro. Its just a joke. :D

    I liked it.

  • Don Keyknuckle 02.01.13 @ 10:35am

    I’m not sure being raped by a stick figure is something I’d like. I’m pretty sure the lack of 3D perspective is why it’s called a rape.

  • Ben 02.01.13 @ 8:49am

    Least funny 5sf in a while even without touching on the backwards opinion on rape victimization. I’m a fan of non-Politically Correct content but the problem is male rape is actually still mostly politically correct.

  • Pastor of Muppets 02.01.13 @ 8:29am

    Um… I think that might have been one of the dudes in “Power Lunch”... I guess he got his steroids

    /I give this video one gender-bender and five liters of nightmare fuel

  • JoeAnglican 02.01.13 @ 7:42am

    Today, which was ironically Friday, Mr. Friday made the ultimate sacrifice for love of the barely-existent rules which govern the making of 5 second films, including the one he just fatally pulled of his ass. He will be missed.

  • Wolf 02.01.13 @ 6:10am

    SMBC and 5SF? Yes please!

  • Cherub Cow 02.01.13 @ 4:31am

    Peter Griffin, sketch artist, strikes again!

  • Chronosamurai 02.01.13 @ 2:38am

    So, it was Olivia then?

  • Mr Friday 02.01.13 @ 1:23am

    The last moment “What?!” delivers a heavy punchline beyond the scope of 5 seconds.

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