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The highly scientific PISRQ (often referred to as "Piss Rock" for short) can analyze the fall of the mouth corners as a person turns away from a friend or acquaintance, and determine whether that person is full of sunshine and warmth or bitterness and a desire to choke things until the police arrive. Piss Rock is accurate to within a percentage point.


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  • CkzraBodfp 12.14.16 @ 7:07am

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  • EwfyrVubcm 12.12.16 @ 6:33am

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  • HlnmdGxvyy 12.04.16 @ 9:38am

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  • OgzbyDhffc 12.01.16 @ 3:12am

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  • ???????? ??????? ??? 11.08.13 @ 11:48pm

    Pursuing two drafted demands, failed to “timely” generate publications and documents to Earl Gaudio.
    ???????? ??????? ???

  • Pastor of Muppets 01.02.13 @ 9:23pm

    False detection—that should have been 100% OMG gotta deuce thank god I didn’t SBD in front of her.

    I know from experience, sadly enough.

    /I give this video forty minutes on the toilet screaming in agony

  • SK 12.29.12 @ 12:56pm

    Kelsey’s post interaction face scares me more than his

  • Someone unassuming 12.28.12 @ 4:39pm

    Well great, now everyone knows my secret. Thanks a lot, jerks.

  • Ian 12.28.12 @ 4:05pm

    It sounds like he’s belching.

  • Matthew Perry 12.28.12 @ 12:51pm

    The last few 5sfs have been making35 me lol more than usual.

  • Miaunz 12.28.12 @ 12:17pm

    Whats when smile reduction is 50%?

  • VintageScotchka 12.28.12 @ 8:45am

    Not smiling after meeting Kelsey? Yep, dude’s a serial killer.

  • BigSoph 12.28.12 @ 7:26am

    Kelsey would not enjoy meeting me. No one does. sigh…

    You forgot my information, even though I checked the box. That human interaction is what I needed32 to bring me out of my slump!

  • briedux 12.28.12 @ 5:56am

    Kelsey’s not the serial killer? You changed, 5sf! :(

  • Sokolove 12.28.12 @ 3:24am

    This should come standard on the Google Glass headset.

  • jordan 12.28.12 @ 3:23am

    first time i’ve ever commented, been watching these for a really long time. i’ve been losing love for 5sf lately, but this was the first genuinely clever one in a while. gonna stick around. it probably isn’t just the weed that made me like this probaby

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