Power Lunch

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Side effects to being this mega-shredded are as follows: Increased chance of heart failure, rage-cagin' city-wide rampages, and an inability to hold down any job other than lecturing high school assemblies on fitness by blowing up hot water bottles with just your lungpower.


  • Matashi 02.04.13 @ 11:59pm


  • Pastor of Muppets 01.30.13 @ 7:30pm

    Ironically, this is how the Captchas made me feel—no steroids necessary.


  • Brosef Stalin 01.29.13 @ 5:29pm

    This is exactly what working at an Italian restaurant on Staten Island is like.

  • Hulk Brogan 01.29.13 @ 2:02am

    Dude, don’t get all Benoit out of shape.

  • Kal 01.28.13 @ 10:43pm

    Olivia as a waitress? This is when I love being a chef. Hey Olivia, whatever they are paying you, I’ll double it. I’ll even let you keep… uh… half your tips! Oh wait, no! A QUARTER! I’ll let you keep a quarter of your tips! Not a quarter of ALL your tips. Just a quarter. What do you say?

  • Man Solo 01.28.13 @ 11:08am

    Oh, fuck. I can not breathe.

  • Mortal Wombat 01.28.13 @ 9:48am

    Well no wonder he’s so pissed off.  He asked first and yet the waitress gave the other guy more steroids before him.  That’s just rude.

  • Doreo 01.28.13 @ 9:30am

    @Mystique I was also surprised he had the ball to do that!

  • john vella 01.28.13 @ 9:29am

    10 lb curls.  get at it, bro!

  • Mystiquecon 01.28.13 @ 8:56am

    Gee,I didn’t know Lance Armstrong had his own chain of restaurants. Then again, they might be dining at the Bond Club at the baseball Hall of Fame. If that’s the case, I recommend the laced lobster bisque with a side of the “roid rage” Special.

  • Cherub Cow 01.28.13 @ 12:23am

    Would someone give him a Happy Meal?!?!?!?!

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