Power Wingman

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A good P.W. never oversteps his boundaries and takes away the girl you're going after. Trust me though, he could easily, easily do it. Yes, even with a monocle.


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  • tsherry 05.23.12 @ 1:08pm

    He has fashion sensibility. One should always match the color of your sunglasses to the color of your nosebleed. And the color of your shoes. Green also works. Purple in rare exceptions.

  • Matthew Perry 05.18.12 @ 4:56pm

    New pretty girl appearance #11.


  • headcase94 05.17.12 @ 9:33pm

    Bloody nose = badass!

  • I'm Quall 05.17.12 @ 8:12pm

    There are no eyes beneath that pair of sunglasses he whipped onto Brian’s face, only another pair of sunglasses.

  • Dick Steel 05.16.12 @ 6:17pm

    Yes, yes it is pretty cool

  • ibs2pid 05.16.12 @ 11:46am

    /I give Pastor_of_Muppets’ comment 5 Fondled Fozzies

  • kalvynevans 05.16.12 @ 8:58am

    Pastor of Muppets… that is incredibly funny.

    But don’t forget! Fat Olivia can use the Jon Worley wiggle worm to get skinny again!

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 05.16.12 @ 7:44am

    In “Power Wingman II”, our heroes are confronted by the Sarge (Olivia in the Fat Suit).  Can Power Wingman keep Brian’s love interest in the bar?  Or will the Sarge force all her hot friends to leave early “CUZ I’M THE DESIGNATED DRIVER AND THIS BAR SUX!”

    /I give this video five failed pickups (they must’ve been lesbians!)

  • Matchstickman 05.16.12 @ 5:21am

    Looks like he
    *puts on sunglasses*
    put on sunglasses

    (And yes, I am aware the series ended, time to put the joke down too)

  • padurn 05.16.12 @ 2:14am

    Cool, his wingman even made him look like he does a lot of coke. She’s all his now that she thinks he’s holding.

  • Man Solo 05.16.12 @ 1:39am

    I will dedicate my life, to learning to become a Power Wingman.

    Mainly to just look ultra-badass, whipping shit off my face.

  • kalvynevans 05.16.12 @ 1:23am

    If the glasses don’t work, he can also flip his hairstyle onto your head, and put his gauges into your ears, but the blood is just… everywhere, it’s just everywhere.

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