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Costco sells huge, jumbo-sized packs of conical Lakota tribe tents for like 15 bucks. Merely useful household items to most, but instruments of mayhem to a couple of impish young rapscallions like these.


  • bigsoph 12.13.12 @ 5:39am

    At least the fire will keep his wig warm (Wigwam…get it?)

  • Mr Wednesday 12.12.12 @ 11:44pm

    Thanks for the explanation digitrev! Now it makes sense.

  • crketis 12.12.12 @ 10:09pm

    finnaly a good use for the burn option in the laptop.

  • Tyler 12.12.12 @ 6:18pm

    At least Roger and Dodger stopped shooting people

  • padurn 12.12.12 @ 4:38pm

    This is clever.

  • Cherub Cow 12.12.12 @ 3:05pm

    lol, 5sf XD

    <3 anarchy

  • The Bussman 12.12.12 @ 7:50am

    I’ll sell you ten man hats for your handful of beads.

  • digitrev 12.12.12 @ 3:47am

    “Let’s TP (teepee) this guy’s house”
    “It was all I had! Why!”

    The joke is that the classic prank is to TP (toilet paper) someone’s house. Instead, the burnt it down to make room for a teepee, a type of shelter used by some Native Americans.

  • Gary 12.12.12 @ 3:46am

    I didn’t actually understand what they said

  • Mr Wednesday 12.12.12 @ 3:33am

    Could someone explain this joke? (And write down what the hell they are saying?)

  • Sugar 12.12.12 @ 2:11am

    At least you still have your dramatic endings.

    I give this video a handful of beads.

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