President Kelsey

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Twelve people camped outside the White House, protesting the arrest. But they were all ugly losers, so the local authorities had no trouble hosing them out.


  • Samuraipirate88 02.02.13 @ 1:01pm

    This is funny because a woman could never be president

  • Shelly Stevens 05.18.12 @ 7:24pm

    U-G-L-Y you aint got no alibi you ugly what what u ugly

  • Dobermaniac 05.15.12 @ 2:26pm

    I’d also vote for Kelseycat for president too.

  • Dobermaniac 05.15.12 @ 2:25pm

    I’d vote for Kelsey

  • Cherub Cow 05.11.12 @ 12:24am

    Ah, yearbook vengeance… so many fond memories.

  • Shoegazer86 05.10.12 @ 8:50pm

    Show us your tits!

  • Here's the thing,... 05.10.12 @ 3:44pm

    President Gunn sought a willing coalition against Shelly Stevens with the British Prime Minister. He went along with it, but only because he thought it might at least score him a handjob.

  • ibs2pid 05.10.12 @ 11:34am

    I’d write her in if you know what I’m sayin’!!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYIN’!!!  Do you?  I don’t either….

  • padurn 05.10.12 @ 9:21am

    Pearls change people too.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 05.10.12 @ 8:09am

    It’s too late!  Shelly already defected to Cuba in anticipation, and is now living in exile.

    /I give this video four preemptive invasions
    //not a double entendre
    ///well, maybe a little
    ////coming into the Oval Office
    /////damn, just ripped off Sam Kinison?

  • Shelly Stevens 05.10.12 @ 7:07am

    I DIDN"T ASK FOR THIS!!!!!!! Lolz, yea I did, boobs!

  • Mr Fist 05.10.12 @ 4:56am

    Still better than Bush…

  • Earthbreaker 05.10.12 @ 4:51am

    I don’t think Kelsey read the script for this one…

  • Oatmeal 05.10.12 @ 3:27am

    And so the world takes its first step towards a total, world spanning, nuclear destruction.
    Thanks Kelsey!

  • Man Solo 05.10.12 @ 12:49am

    Dat hair bun. wink

  • Mr. Reginald B. Earleyburd 05.10.12 @ 12:44am

    Heavens free us from the whims of a menstruating president. Ah, yes! I needn’t worry as this is yet again another silly American affair.

    However, I sternly warn you to keep her away from that red button.

  • kalvynevans 05.10.12 @ 12:07am

    I wonder if there’s a real Shelly Stevens.

  • kalvynevans 05.10.12 @ 12:07am

    I would vote for Kelsey in a minute. But this must be old, because she isn’t wearing the pretty dress.

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