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An intern can really work their way up the ladder here if they make an effective lava monster, knowing who to tag (e.g. not the boss) and when to suggest getting Dunkaroos from the break room.


  • avzfoqshs 12.02.16 @ 4:01am

    s4OBsr hicikpcnrrto, tckhngrpwkwq, [link=]nfcjjxybdafk[/link],

  • Antonio 12.14.12 @ 8:50am

    this one gets me every time :D

  • Rockin Rob 07.18.12 @ 1:14pm


  • Kay 03.06.12 @ 5:36pm

    personally I see no reason to have db pdsowsras < 50 chars or more. you'll just save it somewhere anyway, (now that's the critical part) but they password itself should always be long and untypable, imho.

  • Alex 01.18.12 @ 12:27am

    First order of business, you just lost the game.

  • The Dunwich Horror 12.21.11 @ 7:44pm


    I’m immune to lava.

  • Justin Watkins 12.18.11 @ 12:54pm

    Is that Dr. Venture?

  • raodn 12.15.11 @ 1:59pm

    I don’t know if you are being paid for mentioning Dunkaroos, but you should be. I went out and bought a whole bunch just because you reminded me of them.

  • Rogue Deviant 12.14.11 @ 3:16pm

    The lava floor was scratched from the yearly budget for not being cost effective. It was later replaced by Red Rover chains. And that was how the last war began.

  • Madknight 12.14.11 @ 2:01pm

    Luckily my shoes emit an anti lava force field.

  • swearwolf 12.14.11 @ 1:32pm

    lol@brian’s face. again. usually.

  • shit 12.14.11 @ 12:48pm

    I fucking love dunkaroos

  • Whaaa?! 12.14.11 @ 9:36am

    Is that James Urbaniak from Venture Bros?!!!?

  • ibs2pid 12.14.11 @ 8:35am

    /puts on halo


  • ME_Goddammit 12.14.11 @ 5:30am

    /puts on sunglasses


  • Mike T. 12.14.11 @ 4:23am

    James Urbaniak?! Nice!!! I would enjoy seeing more of him.

  • Dat Kid Named Kid 12.14.11 @ 4:02am


  • Mels Bells 12.14.11 @ 2:31am

    First order of business:  Auuuggggauugghhhggghghh!!

  • Zortov 12.14.11 @ 1:36am

    *eats Dunkaroos*

  • What?Ohno. 12.14.11 @ 12:46am


  • DancingFox 12.14.11 @ 12:03am


  • Jimbo 12.14.11 @ 12:02am

    First order of business, the comments are now lava.

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